Week 2 NFL Picks

Week 1 is in the books and I would like to hand out some Thank You’s and some sarcastic Thank You’s for performances during the first week before I get to this week’s picks.

I would like to personally thank the following people:

1) Chan Gailey- for taking a safety with little time left allowing the Dolphins to cover the spread in a miserable, I can’t believe I watched so much of this game, game.
2) Wade Phillips, Tony Romo, and Tashard Choice- for the stupidest series of plays that led to the Redskins only score and enabled them to win the game. It is inconceivable that so many mistakes were made. The play call was terrible to start with, take a knee or go for it, but then Tony Romo with no options could have taken a knee but didn’t and shoveled it to Choice who then decided that he could single handedly beat three guys. Terrible play for the Cowboys but I covered my bet.
3) Peyton Manning and Arian Foster- for having outstanding fantasy weeks. They were both fantastic against each other and made for a much more interesting game than the Bills-Dolphins game.
4) Chiefs and Seahawks Fans- for pushing their teams to wins. Kansas City fans in particular were terrific staying for the entire game in very heavy rain. You won the game for your teams.

I would like to sarcastically thank the following people:

1) The NFL rulebook- for being stupid.
2) Matt Ryan- for being unable to beat the sans-Big-Ben Steelers.
3) Jake Delhomme- for being Jake Delhomme.
4) Garrett Hartley- for missing two makeable field goals and making me lose my bet on the Saints by 0.5 points. Don’t think I am not still pissed about that.
5) Phillip Rivers- for acting like a spoiled, selfish brat. You are the leader of your football team. Act like it. Also Vincent Jackson called; he wants you to put in the good word to management because you looked like you needed him last week.

I was 7-7-2 last week which is not a horrible start to the year. It will be better this week. So without further ado here are my Week 2 picks:

Home Team is in CAPS
Spread provided by http://www.sportsbook.com

FALCONS (-6.5) over Cardinals
The Falcons, while blowing that game in Pittsburgh, did play the Steelers pretty tough on the road and Arizona is not nearly as good as the Steelers on defence. Plus they are at home and Derek Anderson is still the quarterback of the Cardinals. I see no reason why the Falcons should lose even if Beanie Wells is playing. Falcons should win this big.

PANTHERS (-3) over Bucs
I like the Panthers even if Matt Moore isn’t completely there or even if he throws three picks again this week. The Bucs barely beat the inept Cleveland Browns and I don’t think they have the ability to play with the Panthers who had a strongish game in New York. If Moore doesn’t throw all of those red zones picks the game is probably a lot closer. Steve Smith seems to put up big numbers no matter who is playing quarterback and their tandem of running backs is very good. Also I have to question having sport franchises in the Tampa Bay area. The Bucs only had 47,211 people at the game for their home opener which is pathetic especially when even Jacksonville managed to sell out.

Chiefs (+2) over BROWNS
I am taking the quarterback who threw for 68 yards in week 1 over Jake Delhomme. Says a lot about how I feel about Jake Delhomme (who apparently may not start). KC is coming off a short week but they are playing Cleveland. I am not sure whether the Chiefs will be mediocre or bad but they did beat the Chargers and I like the points. It will probably be close in a pretty terrible game.

Eagles (-6.5) over LIONS
Two teams who will be starting their back up quarterbacks in this game unless Kevin Colb makes a miraculous recovery and I like Michael Vick a lot more than Shawn Hill. Vick looked really good running up and down the field last week and while his throws looked flat, they hit their mark often enough for a run-first quarterback. The Lions will miss Stafford more than the Eagles miss Colb. Jahvid Best will need to have a big game for the Lions but even if he does, I don’t think it will be enough in a tough but unspectacular game.

TITANS (-5) over Steelers
The Titans were excellent against the Raiders and I really like what I saw from Chris Johnson. Denis Dickson had an ordinary game against Atlanta and faces an even better defence on the road. I think it will be difficult for the Steelers to put up points until Big Ben comes back and this match up is really about Tennessee’s offence against Pittsburgh defence. The Titans just have more weapons and should prevail in an enjoyable game.

VIKINGS (-5.5) over Dolphins
Brett Favre was 9-0 last year at the Metrodome and the Vikings have a huge home field advantage. Favre didn’t look horrible last week but he didn’t look good. He should be improved this week as he will have had ten days to prepare. Miami’s defence looked good against Buffalo (not a challenge but still) but their offence did not. They scored only 13 points as the Bills tamed their Wildcat formation fairly easily. New Orleans showed you can run on the Viks but it’s a lot harder on the road and if Minnesota goes up early they will have to turn to Chad Henne’s passing attack and running the offence in a deafening dome is no easy experience. Vikings win this battle in the trenches and should prevail by at least a touchdown.

Ravens (-3) over BENGELS
Baltimore’s offence wasn’t spectacular against the Jets but should have a much better week against a weaker defence. Cincinnati was out of their game after a quarter and a half and then put up points later. Division games are always tough and Baltimore is on the road but I highly doubt T-Cincho will be enough against Ray Lewis and the Ravens.

COWBOYS (-7) over Bears
This line seems high given the week that the Cowboys had but I still like them in this game. Chicago was better than I thought against Detroit but they had some curious coaching decisions. I’m no longer sure Lovie Smith is a good coach. Matt Forte will not be as good as last week and the Bears don’t have many weapons outside of that. One stat that I do like is that last year Jay Cutler threw 20 interceptions on the road. I thing there is a good chance we see a pick-six sometime this week. Also look for Dez Bryant to have a big week. Romo went to him a lot last week and I could see him scoring a long touchdown this week.

PACKERS (-13) over Bills
Is there a worse quarterback in the NFL than Trent Edwards? Last play of the game the Bills desperately need a touchdown and he throws a pass for about 12 yards. Really!!! Come on Trent throw it up, go for the deep pass. I have a feeling that the Bills have zero faith in their quarterback and that really makes a big difference in a team’s confidence. The Bills defence might keep it close (like losing by less than 20 points) but Green Bay just has too many options and too much talent especially for a team that is now looking for the first overall pick of next year. C.J. Spiller should have a better week though, given that he only ran for 7 yards last week.

Rams (+3.5) RAIDERS
Raiders might win this game but I don’t think they will cover. Rams have a better quarterback and a better running back that they should probably use more often. The only thing you can say about Oakland is that they are at home. Don’t waste your time watching this game.

BRONCOS (-3.5) over Seahawks
I don’t have a great feeling of either team having seen very little of either of their games. I am taking the home team. We’ll see how well Pete Carroll does on the road in Denver.

Jaguars (+7) over CHARGERS
MJD looked good in the Jags first game and David Garrard controlled their game nicely but the Jaguars are usually terrible when they play on the west coast. That being said I did not like the body language from Phillip Rivers at all. San Diego will need some quick successes in order for Rivers to have the confidence of his team. I don’t think he gets it and the Jags cover the game.

Texans (-3) over REDSKINS
I am not convinced that the Texans are as good as they looked against the Colts but a win like that can inspire a team to play better than they actually are. Arian Foster won’t run for 231 yards again this year but he could be a top 10 running back this year. That makes the Texans offence very scary because it will nicely complement the deadliness of the Schaub-Johnson combination. Washington got off to the right foot by beating the Cowboys in a weird game. Their offence isn’t clicking yet and I don’t really fear their run game. I think they will have trouble scoring points even if McNabb finds more success than he did last week.

COLTS (-5) over Giants
I am going to go out on a limb and say Manning will win this game one way or another. I’ll take Peyton over Eli any day of the week. The Colts won’t get run over like they did last week and they are at home. The Giants had three picks against Matt Moore but still gave up 18 points. Peyton isn’t going to give up three picks and I imagine Garcon will catch a few more balls this week. His drops last week were unacceptable. It’s still too early to give up on the Colts.

Patriots (-3) over JETS
Tom Brady and his offence was fantastic last week. The same can not be said for the Jets. The Jets are over-rated. They get hyped from the New York and national media but they haven’t won anything and they really haven’t beaten anyone either. Revis will shut down Moss but Brady has more than one target and Welker will have a major game. The Jets have a really great defence but their offence is so poor that the Pats will come away with victory.

Saints (-6) over 49ERS
San Francisco looked the worst of any teams I watched on the weekend and I watched most of the Buffalo game. They were brutal. Alex Smith is not a good quarterback and I bet that the head honchos at SF are kicking themselves for not going after Donovan McNabb. The Saints played a tight, strong game against the Vikings and should be an easy lock for this week.

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