NFL Week 3 Picks

Week 2 was a much better week picking games as I didn’t lose any of my top 5 picks. It would have been nice if reality TV star person Jesse Holley had ran a little harder and dove into the end zone but the Cowboys actually winning that game was a nice and refreshing ending given how that game went. The Cowboys really should have lost the game.

The same thing that happened to the Cowboys pretty much happened to the Bills who managed to pull out a victory at the last minute over the Oakland Raiders. Sadly they didn’t cover the spread and it was just a push but given that that game was 21-3 at half for Oakland, I’ll take the result.

The Steelers, Bucs, and Bengals all cover the spread in games that mostly went the way I expected. The Steelers crushed the Seahawks while the scrappy Bucs managed to pull off the comeback win against a sad little Vikings team. I did expect for Cincinnati to win outright (and they probably should have) but covering the spread is pretty sweet. So far, two weeks into the season I am 4-4-2 for the games I feel best about and a dismal 11-17-4 for all games. On to more crappy picks!

Home team is in CAPS and the line is provided by

Detroit Lions (-3) Over MINNESOTA VIKINGS
The Lions are going to be a contender for the wildcard in the NFC and the Vikings are clearly not. I don’t know when Donovan McNabb completely fell off a cliff but it was a while ago. Adrian Peterson will try to keep this game close but the Lions will go up big quickly and the Vikings will be forced to turn to their passing game. This is exactly what the Lions are hoping for.

Atlanta Falcons (+1.5) Over TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS
The Falcons may not be as good as I think they are but they are still a lot better than the Bucs. The Bucs barely survived a fairly weak Vikings team. The Falcons showed that they can put up the scores against the Eagles and I think they can do that against the Bucs.

Arizona Cardinals (-3.5) Over SEATTLE SEAHAWKS
I will bet against the Seahawks until they give me a reason not to. There is the Seattle home crowd but it’s pretty hard to cheer for your team when a) you know they suck b) Tavaris Jackson is your starting QB and c) their average yards per game are 191.5 yards and 8.5 points per game. Kolb and Fitzgerald should have matching great games while the defense will suddenly appear to be very effective.

Green Bay Packers (-4) Over CHICAGO BEARS
It’s not that the Bears are a bad team. In fact, their defense is again a top notch unit (hell they held the Saints to only 30 points) and they do play well at home. But their playing the Packers whose offence is even better than the Saints. The Packers should get out a quick lead leaving the Bears to turn to Jay Cutler instead of Matt Forte. If the Bears somehow manage to keep the score close, look for them to turn to Forte quite a bit and keep the Packers off the field.

Pittsburgh Steelers (-10.5) Over INDIANAPOLIS COLTS
The Colts have some talented players when Peyton Manning is playing but the Steelers have talented players period. I don’t expect Kerry Collins to get much done against a Steeler team that has shown it can crush weak offences

BENGALS (-3) Over 49ers
You’re in the NFL; can’t you have someone drive the pot across country?

BILLS (+7.5) Over Patriots
Gut feeling.

SAINTS (-4) Over Texans
This is the game people jump off that Texans bandwagon.

EAGLES (-9) Over Giants
Healthy Vick is trouble for the injured Giants.

Dolphins (+1) Over BROWNS
The Dolphins are a better team than they have shown in the first two games and their on the road. Browns remain the Browns.

TITANS (-7) Over Broncos
If there is a healthy Bronco would he play defence?

PANTHERS (-3.5) Over Jaguars
Stay away game with two rookie QBs.

CHARGERS (-14.5) Over Chiefs
Chiefs have scored an average of 5 points per game!

RAIDERS (+3) Over Jets
Sanchez needs a hot dog.

Ravens (-5) Over RAMS
Ravens can’t be as bad as they were last week.

Redskins (+4) Over COWBOYS
Cowboys have too many injury question marks.

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