NFL Week 3 Picks

Week 2 was a much better week picking games as I didn’t lose any of my top 5 picks. It would have been nice if reality TV star person Jesse Holley had ran a little harder and dove into the end zone but the Cowboys actually winning that game was a nice and refreshing ending given how that game went. The Cowboys really should have lost the game.

The same thing that happened to the Cowboys pretty much happened to the Bills who managed to pull out a victory at the last minute over the Oakland Raiders. Sadly they didn’t cover the spread and it was just a push but given that that game was 21-3 at half for Oakland, I’ll take the result.

The Steelers, Bucs, and Bengals all cover the spread in games that mostly went the way I expected. The Steelers crushed the Seahawks while the scrappy Bucs managed to pull off the comeback win against a sad little Vikings team. I did expect for Cincinnati to win outright (and they probably should have) but covering the spread is pretty sweet. So far, two weeks into the season I am 4-4-2 for the games I feel best about and a dismal 11-17-4 for all games. On to more crappy picks!
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NFL Week 13 Picks

I’m going to suggest that the playoff picture got remarkably clearer after last week. In the AFC it would be a surprise if the Jets, Patriots, Steelers, and Ravens didn’t get in leaving the Chiefs and Chargers in a good battle for the West and the Colts looking like they will come out of the South even though everyone in that division is still close. The West division will be very close because both teams have an easy schedule to close out the season and it is possible that the Kansas City @ San Diego game in Week 14 will determine the winner of that division. My money is own the Chargers to pull out the division win but I have been underestimating Kansas City since the beginning of the season and it would be just like them to throw a monkey wrench into what could possibly be one of the strongest group of playoff teams that we have seen in a while.

The NFC is a bit murkier, thanks to the pathetic NFC West. I like St. Louis to emerge from that quagmire of crappy teams and they may even get a home playoff game but I don’t like any of that division against the remaining NFC playoff teams. Atlanta (thanks to its incredible play at home) looks to take the very competitive NFC South with New Orleans right behind them and should take the first wild card spot. Tampa Bay remains somewhat of a question mark. They have played good teams tight but have yet to beat a team currently over .500. They will be in a tight race with the either the Giants or Eagles and either the Bears or Packers. Gun to my head, I think that the Giants and Buccaneers fall back from the group and your NFC playoff teams are the Eagles, Rams, Packers, Falcons, Saints, and Bears. Not a bad group outside of St. Louis.

Either way the end of the season is shaping up to be quite interesting and given that the majority of the games left are divisional games we should see have much better viewing options available to us than that pathetic Monday night game between the Cardinals and 49ers. With the playoff picture in our minds lets get onto our Week 13 Picks. As always the Home Team is in CAPS and the spread is courtesy of Continue reading