Wednesday Link-Off: Not Very Intelligent

katie-cassidy-l6Katie Cassidy is still alive on “Harper’s Island” but will she last the two hour finale? Find out Thursday on Global or Saturday on CBS. Skipping it wouldn’t be that smart.

The new chief of British Intelligence is on Facebook. Unfortunately for him, the KGB weren’t the only ones to get their hands on his pictures. (New York Times)

Trying a do-it-yourself home repair while drunk will always end badly. Though most people don’t end up as badly off as this British man. (Daily Telegraph)

Tommy Craggs of Deadspin thinks that he has figured out Sarah Palin’s basketball analogy from her resignation speech. I’d say his play diagram is pretty spot on. (Deadspin)

After the jump, the Catholic Church needs more money, never get investment advice from a long-snapper, and burn, baby, burn.

Budget airline Ryanair has a new trick up its sleeve to stuff more people onto its planes. They are planning on installing bar stools on some of their planes. (CBC)

The Fifth-Third Burger is positively appetising compared to this two-inch thick pizza. (Geekologie)

The Catholic Church might be the richest organization in the world but the economy is so bad that they’ve started selling ads on Vatican Radio. (BBC) If they need content, though, they can broadcast The Lowdown radio show.

The New Orleans Saints cut their long-snapper because of an investment deal that he suggested teammates go in on went horribly awry. (Deadspin)

The Ontario government is giving Ubisoft $263M to open a studio in Toronto. Ubisoft says it will put in $500M over the next ten years. Something tells me that money will be provided in part by the Ontario government. (

If you expect your luck at the poker table to be the same as in the movies, good luck with that. Especially if you expect to get the big pay-off hand like you see at the end of so many movies. (Bleacher Report)

On the heels of Roger Federer winning his 15th major, the Daily Telegraph takes a look at the 20 greatest athletes of all time. (Daily Telegraph)

For our photo gallery finale for this linkdump, SI looks at some of the world’s most bizarre “sporting” competitions. (Sports Illustrated)

Somebody’s prize Lambo went up in flames in the middle of a street. Such a shame. (Some NSFW language.)

Maybe it was CSI: Miami’s David Caruso that set the thing on fire. He has a history of that.

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