Wednesday Link-Off: Puck Drop

It’s not often that I run a bunch of sports links in one of my linkdumps but it’s not often that a new NHL season starts. It only comes around once per year and it gets pretty close to a national festival in Canada. Basically, it’s the Canadian equivalent to the start of the NFL or EPL seasons.

So let’s start this post off with a good Canadian girl. Here’s Nina Dobrev.

The story of the 2014 NHL offseason was the analytics boom. While fancy stats are common place in baseball and pretty common in basketball and soccer, hockey lagged behind those sports until now. (MacLean’s) I told my Leafs loving associates about things like Corsi, Fenwick and PDO last year and they ignored me right until the point where the Leafs crashed out of playoff contention and realized I explained what would happen all along.

The NHL’s move to Sportsnet has seen many changes. The biggest change is in the host’s chair which see Strombo replace Ron MacLean whose contentious relationship with NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman has seen him pushed aside. (The Globe and Mail)

For all the talk that fighting needs to be legislated out of hockey, it appears that the three minutes of ice time per game enforcer may be going the way of the dodo. Less than half the teams will open with an enforcer on their 23-man rosters. (CBC Sports)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Check Your Facts

It’s the middle of the week which means it’s time to catch up on some of the more interesting headlines and news from the week so far. For the second week running, let’s kick off with Canadian actress Nina Dobrev. See, I checked that fact before writing.

It turns out that the Bush White House had plenty of lead time with warnings about a potential terrorist attack ahead of 9/11. For some reason, these warnings from CIA were ignored. (New York Times)

Mitt Romney is starting to change tactics when it comes to his campaign. Now, he’s taking baseless personal shots at Obama over religion. (Talking Points Memo)

The Romney/Ryan campaign wants to cut spending overall but increase defence spending. So isn’t it funny that Congressman Ryan voted for $1 trillion of defence cuts in 2011? (Think Progress)

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Wednesday Link-Off: You Can’t Handle The Truth

There’s lie, damned lies and politics. I know that’s not how the saying goes but it may as well be given how the Republicans have run their Presidential campaign. Anyway, let’s start off with Nina Dobrev. 

Political reporters hate covering this year’s US Presidential election. They’re complaining that the campaigns are trying to control the narrative. Here’s an idea: Grow a pair and be reporters. Make them tell the truth and report the truth if they lie. (Politico)

The problem is that the Republicans’ lies have launched us into something you could call post-truth politics. (Grist)

The Republicans have jumped on the news that the US national debt has increased to $16 trillion. The problem with their glee is that their man is only going to make the debt much, much worse. (Talking Points Memo)

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Sunday Link-Off: Newsbreak

Last week might have been the slowest sports week of the year but that doesn’t mean we have a shortage of links today. It just means that we have few sports links. Anyway, let’s kick off with Canada’s Nina Dobrev in her place.

While Canadians were proud of the role that our armed forces played in Afghanistan, our allies weren’t so impressed. In fact, they think we were way out of depth. (CBC News)

A law professor wrote a paper for the Saint Louis University Law Journal about Jay-Z’s 99 Problems. Jay’s got 99 Problems but he’d have far fewer if he knew the law. (Gawker)

The Freeh Report into Penn State’s role in the Sandusky affair was released last week. Suffice to say that no one in power at Penn State comes out looking good. (Yahoo Sports)

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Sunday Link-Off: The People’s Choice

The People’s Choice Awards were last week. Canada swept the awards for favourite TV drama actor and actress. Nathan Fillion took home the favourite actor award. The favourite actress award was taken home by Nina Dobrev.

I mentioned on Wednesday that LA Kings forward Dustin Penner injured his back while eating pancakes this week. Well, Penner has decided to set the record straight by writing an open letter to Kings fans. (Mayor’s Manner)

The next big thing in fantasy sports is coming from Canada. A Canadian company is at the forefront of live fantasy sports. (Toronto Star)

I’m not sure if ESPN is trolling everyone or if they’re just trying to drive us all insane. One episode of SportsCenter this week had 160 mentions of Tim Tebow. (Deadspin)

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Wednesday Link-Off: The 1%

It’s the middle of the week which means it’s time for links. Let’s kick-off with Canada’s own Nina Dobrev. She’s definitely a 1%’er and I’m not talking about her wealth.

Ever wonder what happens in a Las Vegas sports book on gameday? Here’s a behind the scenes look at one of the more popular parts of the gambling scene. (Las Vegas Sun)

I’m fairly annoyed with the pro-1% items coming across my Facebook newsfeed. But that’s what happens when you take a university program filled with 1%ers. Anyway, instead of occupying areas near financial market, David Carr thinks we should be occupying news rooms. (New York Times)

The Church of Scientology isn’t exactly one to drop an old grudge. After the famous Scientology episode, the Church launched an investigation into Trey Parker and Matt Stone. (Huffington Post)

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Wednesday Link-Off: The Short End

She may have not won any awards at the Emmys but I think it’s safe to say that Nina Dobrev won the Emmys on Sunday. Did I mention that she’s Canadian.

Is Floyd “Money” Mayweather a piece of shit or a cheating piece of shit? Money won his fight against Victor Ortiz by knockout after legally sucker punching him. But what damage did he do to himself and boxing? (Grantland)

Brian Wilson has some pumped up kicks. He was rocking the Marty McFly shoes at a recent game. (Business Insider)

And speaking of baseball, guess who’s coming back to Canada? Hazel Mae is on her way back to Rogers Sportsnet. (Fang’s Bites) Let’s see the morning SportsCentre compete with her.

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