Wednesday Link-Off: The Short End

She may have not won any awards at the Emmys but I think it’s safe to say that Nina Dobrev won the Emmys on Sunday. Did I mention that she’s Canadian.

Is Floyd “Money” Mayweather a piece of shit or a cheating piece of shit? Money won his fight against Victor Ortiz by knockout after legally sucker punching him. But what damage did he do to himself and boxing? (Grantland)

Brian Wilson has some pumped up kicks. He was rocking the Marty McFly shoes at a recent game. (Business Insider)

And speaking of baseball, guess who’s coming back to Canada? Hazel Mae is on her way back to Rogers Sportsnet. (Fang’s Bites) Let’s see the morning SportsCentre compete with her.

After the jump, NSFW sports moments, the Buffett tax and Coach wins an Emmy.

Some intrepid collector has sent Deadspin a collection of video from sports events that isn’t exactly safe for work. We’re talking about boob slips, SkyDome sex and the like. (Deadspin)

Mariano Rivera became the greatest closer in history by recording his record 602nd save this week. But the only thing more important to closers than getting saves is getting the right theme music. (The AV Club)

NBA 2K12 is coming out in a couple of weeks. But if you were hoping to play this year’s rookies, you’re out of luck. The lockout means that you won’t be getting a roster update this year. (Kotaku)

Fun fact of the day: The White House brews its own beer. Somehow, I think the Republicans will find a way to say that homebrewing at the White House is ruining the economy. (Gizmodo)

Even with the economy in shambles, the gap between the rich and poor is growing faster than ever. Without Obama’s Buffett Tax, we could have a trillionaire before long. (Slate)

The Star Wars Blu-Ray trilogies are finally out. Here’s a look at the deleted scenes which were included in the package. (Moviefone)

It’s not a good time for all sports teams. Here’s a look at the 12 teams losing fans the fastest. (24/7 Wall Street)

Last week, I ran a collection of Texts From Last Night captioning Community scenes. Today, it’s pairing TFLN with Disney princesses. (Uproxx)

Or, if you’d rather see more Community stuff, it’s the best of Troy Barnes. (Uproxx)

I’m going to beat Jackie to the punch here. It’s Kyle Chandler’s Emmy acceptance speech. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!

Ever look for the worst rendition on the Star Spangled Banner ever? Well, it’s this compilation of the worst national anthem moments ever. Sadly, no Saving Able though.

What happens when Slap Shot is mashed up with the new Twilight trailer? The truth.

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