Sunday Link-Off: The People’s Choice

The People’s Choice Awards were last week. Canada swept the awards for favourite TV drama actor and actress. Nathan Fillion took home the favourite actor award. The favourite actress award was taken home by Nina Dobrev.

I mentioned on Wednesday that LA Kings forward Dustin Penner injured his back while eating pancakes this week. Well, Penner has decided to set the record straight by writing an open letter to Kings fans. (Mayor’s Manner)

The next big thing in fantasy sports is coming from Canada. A Canadian company is at the forefront of live fantasy sports. (Toronto Star)

I’m not sure if ESPN is trolling everyone or if they’re just trying to drive us all insane. One episode of SportsCenter this week had 160 mentions of Tim Tebow. (Deadspin)

After the jump, sports TV fails, TV show creator fails and Samuel L. Jackson plays Call of Duty.

Did two drunk fans invade the Dallas Mavs’ bench during a game in Detroit last week? It wasn’t so much that they were invading as they were being invaded. (SB Nation)

In a slightly similar vein, here is a list of the worst sports TV moments of all-time. (Sports TV Jobs)

Even though the NBA season is underway, some basketball fans are still into hockey. In this article, a recent convert tries to figure out which team is theirs. (The Classical)

Even though I don’t agree with the suspension, we can still have fun with the Brad Marchand five-gamer. Fun includes this Andrew Bucholtz penned parody of The Merchant of Venice. (Sporting Madness)

The live-action Star Wars TV series has about 50 scripts ready to go and now it has a title. The only problem is that George’s name for the series absolutely sucks. (Pajiba)

Other news out of the winter Television Critics Association press tour is that the creator of Two Broke Girls is very sensitive to criticism. That and he’s completely delusional about how bad his show is. (HitFix)

Today in paparazzi news, The Daily Mail says that it gets over 400 Pippa Middleton photos submitted to them every day. It’s gotten so bad that they’ve had to institute special editorial policies for dealing with Pippa. (The Guardian)

How about an entertainment list to close up this linkdump? It’s a collection of the cheesiest fitness montages in movie history. When you think about it, #1 shouldn’t surprise you. (Men’s Fitness)

The gang at Normal Difficulty is back with more of Samuel L. Jackson playing multiplayer shooters online. This time, it’s Sam Jackson playing Modern Warfare 3.

In other video game videos, it’s the top ten video game fails of 2011. Skyrim won the VGA for Game of the Year despite having some epic fails… Or was the epic fail on the part of the voting committee?

James Bond’s theme song now has lyrics. It’s actually pretty epic.

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