Wednesday Link-Off: The 1%

It’s the middle of the week which means it’s time for links. Let’s kick-off with Canada’s own Nina Dobrev. She’s definitely a 1%’er and I’m not talking about her wealth.

Ever wonder what happens in a Las Vegas sports book on gameday? Here’s a behind the scenes look at one of the more popular parts of the gambling scene. (Las Vegas Sun)

I’m fairly annoyed with the pro-1% items coming across my Facebook newsfeed. But that’s what happens when you take a university program filled with 1%ers. Anyway, instead of occupying areas near financial market, David Carr thinks we should be occupying news rooms. (New York Times)

The Church of Scientology isn’t exactly one to drop an old grudge. After the famous Scientology episode, the Church launched an investigation into Trey Parker and Matt Stone. (Huffington Post)

After the jump, the future of F1 in Canada, Occupy Wall Street and 10 years of Pardon The Interruption.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a good Grantland piece. It’s a look at long-form journalism and its place on Grantland and Deadspin. (Sports Girl Kat)

You may not have heard of him, but Canada’s next great car racing superstar is Robert Wickens. (RACER)

As I noted on Sunday, PTI is ten years old. To celebrate, SBD interviewed host Michael Wilbon. (Sports Business Daily)

How do you sign up new clients if you’re an MLB agent? Get a porn star to sleep with prospective clients. (Business Insider) The tactics might sound dirty but you can’t fault them if they’re effective.

One of the better takes I’ve read on Occupy Wall Street: The crew on Wall Street isn’t winning. It’s cheating. (Rolling Stone)

If Occupy Wall Street or Bay Street or whatever city’s park isn’t your thing, you can always try Occupy Duckburg. It’s a duck-blur. (Nerdist)

Uncharted 3 is out next week. But that doesn’t mean that reviews are coming out well before the release date (Our experience is a moratorium on reviews until 9:00 AM of the release day). So far, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Like that’s a real shock. (Kotaku)

Looking for a next level video gaming experience? British TV’s The Gadget Show created a massive first person shooter simulator for Battlefield 3. (Engadget)

The never-ending battle between PlayStation and XBox had another entry this week with the release of Forza Motorsport 4. So which looks better: Forza 4 or Gran Turismo 5? (Jalopnik)

Halloween is just a few days away. So who can you expect to see at the door when you go trick or treating? Here are the 10 people you can expect to answer the door. (College Humor)

In honour of 10 years of PTI, here’s a video that looks back at 10 years of the openings to PTI. BAM!

Ever wonder what an F1 driver sees in the cockpit? Lucas di Grassi puts a video on the front of his helmet for a proper POV video of driving a Formula One car.

I’ve never heard of Michael Winslow but he’s pretty good at beatboxing and doing other sounds with his mouth and a distortion pedal.

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