F1 German GP: Home Is Where the Heart Is

Sebastian Vettel came into yesterday’s German Grand Prix having won 29 races in 109 starts. He hadn’t won in only three countries on the calendar: Hungary, America and his homeland of Germany. Until yesterday, that is.

Vettel flew by Lewis Hamilton off the start like he was standing still and held off sustained pressure from the Lotus drivers to pick up his first Grand Prix victory in Germany.

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F1 Power Rankings: German Grand Prix

Just one week after a controversial British Grand Prix, we’re right back at it for the next round of the 2013 Formula One World Championship. This time, it’s the German Grand Prix from the Nurburgring. Fortunately for Pirelli and the teams, the new Nurburgring is quite a bit slower than Silverstone so there shouldn’t be as many tyre issues. That doesn’t mean that we’re likely to hear less about Pirelli’s issues.

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Could F1 Be Down to 18 Races This Year?

No sooner did my monthly F1 news recap go live than news broke that the German Grand Prix could be off the calendar. Bernie Ecclestone told the German newspaper Spiegel that he and the bosses at the Nurburgring could not come to an agreement that was “financially acceptable” so negotiations had been terminated.

The Nurburgring went into administration (the European equivalent of bankruptcy) last year. However, being tight on funds looks to have resulted in the circuit being unable to pay Bernie’s more than likely exorbitant sanctioning fee to host the race this year. Continue reading

The Nurburgring [Infographic]

The Nurburgring is a relic of motorsports long ago. It was christened “The Green Hell” by Sir Jackie Stewart who won there three times in eight Grands Prix, including his famous win in the rain and fog in 1968. The track is famous for its 21 kilometre, 150+ turn, Nordschlife (Northern Loop) Circuit which has claimed the life of 72 racing drivers as well as another three to twelve public driver each year. But it’s the danger and the history that are part of the allure of this legendary racing circuit.

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F1 Power Rankings: German Grand Prix

It’s time for the 2011 German Grand Prix. This year, it’s the Nurburgring’s turn to host the race after the Hockenheimring hosted last year’s edition. Naturally, there’s a lot of talk about this historic Nordschlife circuit that F1 originally raced on. For the first time, it seems as though no one is harbouring delusions of catching Sebastian Vettel. He has a three-race lead (80 points) with 10 races left. Can we hand him the title yet? Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: Sex and Fast Cars

Let’s kick off with Mila Kunis posing on a car.

Some men may be good at sex but most men are bad at writing about sex. Hell there’s even the Bad Sex in Fiction Awards. (BBC)

For example, this might not necessarily be fiction, but for leading us to think his girl in this story might be a looker, John Mustang should get consideration for the above. (Lion’s Den University) I’m not saying it’s a bad story. I’m just saying that I don’t enjoy being misled about Heidi’s looks.

It’s that time of week again. It’s time for this week’s edition of the Asshole Coach Digest. (Deadspin)

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