Sunday Link-Off: Scandalous

It’s back to normal for us on the blog. Well, at least as normal as me doing the Sunday links is. Anyway, let’s kick off with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Bill Simmons’ new project launched this week. It’s named after famed sports writer Grantland Rice. However, hindsight says that Rice wasn’t as good as most people think. (Deadspin)

Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback Terrelle Prior is leaving college football to make a go of it as a pro. Given the recent scandal at Ohio State, this means he probably taken a pay cut. But at least he gave us some more fun by leaving NCAA investigators a paper trail to investigate. (Sports by Brooks)

Speaking of scandals, here’s a well-written call to fix FIFA for the sake of international football. (The Economist)

After the jump, the Olympic cheese grater, sexters never prosper and spectacular Le Mans crashes.

Coming soon to The Lowdown Blog: The history of Olympic torches. It’ll be inspired by the London Olympic cheese grater torch. (Off the Bench)

Rules problem in your epic wiffleball game? Call a Major League Baseball umpiring crew. (Deadspin)

It’s gotta suck to be J.R. Hildebrand right now. He loses the Indy 500 on the last lap in the last turn and now he blows out his knee during a publicity stunt for IndyCar series sponsor. (With Leather)

The 24 Hours of Le Mans this weekend. The problem is that it’s impossible to watch the full race over here. But there are many ways to watch live sports that you can’t see on TV. (Jalopnik)

Remember Jenn Sterger? She’s our favourite sports fan of all-time? No? The girl Brett Favre sent pictures of his dongslinger to? Anyway, here’s ten things you didn’t know about her. (Business Insider)

Speaking of sexting, Anthony Weiner apologized to Bill Clinton for his scandal. What’s he apologizing for? Gimmick infringement? (Telegraph)

Here’s a picture of Bill Murray on the set of his latest movie. Why? Because it’s Bill fucking Murray. (Film Drunk)

A school was pranked with penis shapes drawn in the grass for the sake of Google Earth. I think this article has to be a prank. It has quotes from two guys named Van Dyk and Cocker. (

Ever do trivia night at your local pub? Well here are the seven annoying people you’re going to have to put up with. (The Awl)

And back to the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Audi had a bad day in France in the race’s first eight hours. In the first hour, the leading #3 car crashed spectacularly.

Then in the eighth hour, the leading #2 car got caught up with a different GT Ferrari.

The Ultimate Warrior is planning on releasing a shoot video about Hulk Hogan… This ought to be interesting.


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