Sunday Link-Off: Scandalous

It’s back to normal for us on the blog. Well, at least as normal as me doing the Sunday links is. Anyway, let’s kick off with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Bill Simmons’ new project launched this week. It’s named after famed sports writer Grantland Rice. However, hindsight says that Rice wasn’t as good as most people think. (Deadspin)

Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback Terrelle Prior is leaving college football to make a go of it as a pro. Given the recent scandal at Ohio State, this means he probably taken a pay cut. But at least he gave us some more fun by leaving NCAA investigators a paper trail to investigate. (Sports by Brooks)

Speaking of scandals, here’s a well-written call to fix FIFA for the sake of international football. (The Economist)

After the jump, the Olympic cheese grater, sexters never prosper and spectacular Le Mans crashes. Continue reading