Man Lab Showdown: Jessica Gomes vs. Miranda Kerr

Seeing as I’m in Australia for vacation, I thought it would only be appropriate that this edition of the Man Lab Showdown featured two of Australia’s hottest models. In one corner is Jessica Gomes who is best known for making four appearances in the SI Swimsuit Issue. In the other corner is Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr.

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Man Lab Link-Off: The Secret

It’s time for another set of Man Lab approved links. Since the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was last night and Miranda Kerr seemed to be the star of the show, here she is to kickoff this linkdump.

Figuring out women is something that will trouble men until the day we die. But here are ten things that they wished we knew about them. Every head start helps. (Ask Men)

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Sunday Link-Off: Holy Mackinaw

I’d like to say there’s a theme to today’s Sunday links but there really isn’t. For example, there’s no real rhyme or reason to kicking off with Miranda Kerr.

Last week, I linked a New Yorker story that looked behind-the-scenes of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. It turns out that it might have been too good to be true. (Registan)

I haven’t gotten to the part of the ESPN Book about the feud between Michelle Beadle and Erin Andrews but it looks like it might be getting out of control. Take the ESPYs after parties, for example. (Awful Announcing)

There’s a Joe Bowen rap? This beats the hell out of those Harvey’s and V-Tech commercials. Are we sure it wasn’t Young Offender but DGB that made this? (Down Goes Brown)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Social Media Awareness

Let’s kick off today’s linkdump with Miranda Kerr. Did you know that she had a kid in January? I don’t think you can tell.

UFC 129 will be Toronto’s first UFC show and it’ll be at SkyDome to make it the UFC’s biggest show ever. But since Toronto is really a hockey town, here’s a guide to the UFC for hockey fans. (Down Goes Brown)

Have you been on Hockey Night In Canada’s site lately? They’ve gone all in on social media integration for their new Hockey Night Pulse game companion thing. (Pension Plan Puppets)

And speaking of social media, Klout have released their ratings of the top athletes on Twitter. (CNBC)

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Sunday Link-Off: Bad Beats

In the last week, we’ve had Katy Perry and Marisa Miller named the sexiest woman in the world. But why isn’t there any love for Miranda Kerr?

Well, we know he ain’t re-signing the Cavs now. LeBron’s mom is allegedly sleeping with Delonte West. (Terez Owens)

Tim Donaghy is back in the public eye. Now he’s telling gambling horror stories to Deadspin. (Deadspin) Beats gambling tips from a 12-year-old.

Eric Byrnes went 2-for-3 with two dingers the other night… In a beer league slow-pitch softball game. Hell, even I’d be hard-pressed not to pull that off. (Pro Rumors)

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Sunday Link-Off: Ball

Can you believe that Miranda Kerr has never been in the SI Swimsuit Issue? I wonder how many other Aussie woman look this good.

Greg Oden is still a notable NBA player despite the fact he’s been injured for the better part of the last two years. He got back on the radar again when naked photos of himself hit the internet. But he needn’t worry because there’s an all-purpose PR plan for him to use. (Sports Pickle) You would have thought that people would have learned from Vanessa Hudgens example but I guess not.

And while the Chicago Blackhawks didn’t have naked picture leak of themselves. From the looks of them, we’re probably better for that. (Deadspin)

The New Jersey Nets are beyond abysmal but they’re still getting by with a little help from their fans. (ESPN)

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