Sunday Link-Off: Bad Beats

In the last week, we’ve had Katy Perry and Marisa Miller named the sexiest woman in the world. But why isn’t there any love for Miranda Kerr?

Well, we know he ain’t re-signing the Cavs now. LeBron’s mom is allegedly sleeping with Delonte West. (Terez Owens)

Tim Donaghy is back in the public eye. Now he’s telling gambling horror stories to Deadspin. (Deadspin) Beats gambling tips from a 12-year-old.

Eric Byrnes went 2-for-3 with two dingers the other night… In a beer league slow-pitch softball game. Hell, even I’d be hard-pressed not to pull that off. (Pro Rumors)

After the jump, the future of comedy movies, some baseball links, and Montreal’s spectacular playoff run.

We have to accept that 3D is the new Hollywood cash cow. The only problem is that it’s leaving comedy behind. (NBC New York)

Shawn Johnson: Gold medal gymnast but not even what we can call a participation ribbon worthy pitcher. (Big League Stew)

But while Miss Johnson watches her first pitch roll along the lawn to the plate, she can admire the great grass pattern that may have been mowed into the field. (It’s Always Sunny In Detroit)

Under Armor is known for making high-tech jerseys that are designed to cool athletes and keep them dry. So why does it look like they’re making flannel shirts? (ESPN)

Even with the Sounders doing reasonably well there, it sucks to be a sports fan in Seattle. (Forbes)

Captain Morgan turns 375 this weekend. I’ve already celebrated with a Captain and Coke… Or two… Or… Well, you get the picture. (Bro Bible)

Heinz is changing the recipe of its ketchup to contain less salt. Ever hear of New Coke? (Consumerist)

It’s a two photo gallery day on the SLO. First, it’s a look at some of the CGI and not-so-CGI CARnage of Iron Man 2. Oh, the humanity! (Jalopnik)

In today’s second photo gallery, a man’s wife left him but forgot to take her wedding dress. Don’t worry, though. The dress is being put to good use. (The Chive)

A couple of NHL playoff themed videos to close out. Well, both Montreal Canadiens videos. Only appropriate since they’ve upset two favourites for the Stanley Cup and since the Eastern Conference finals start tonight.


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