Sunday Link-Off: Ball

Can you believe that Miranda Kerr has never been in the SI Swimsuit Issue? I wonder how many other Aussie woman look this good.

Greg Oden is still a notable NBA player despite the fact he’s been injured for the better part of the last two years. He got back on the radar again when naked photos of himself hit the internet. But he needn’t worry because there’s an all-purpose PR plan for him to use. (Sports Pickle) You would have thought that people would have learned from Vanessa Hudgens example but I guess not.

And while the Chicago Blackhawks didn’t have naked picture leak of themselves. From the looks of them, we’re probably better for that. (Deadspin)

The New Jersey Nets are beyond abysmal but they’re still getting by with a little help from their fans. (ESPN)

After the jump, X-Games stuff, something else, and ball videos.

Any list of the coolest jobs that men would want that includes my hero Jeremy Clarkson is a must read. (Cool Material)

The UFC is going to Abu Dhabi and they’re going to holding the show outdoors. Fortunately for the UFC, Brock Lesnar won’t be there to run his mouth. (The Rumble)

Who is going to be the big winner from the Gilbert Arenas suspension? Probably Gilbert Arenas. (New York Times)

It’s just a week and change until the SI Swimsuit Issue comes out. We’ll have a post on that later this week. Until then, check you Swimsuit Issue knowledge with this quiz. (CNBC)

One week until the Super Bowl. As we all know the best part of the Super Bowl isn’t the game but the commercials. So here’s the best commercials of the last 43 years. (Sports Illustrated)

Boise State has its blue artificial turf field. Despite that being a gimmick which makes poll voters take them less seriously, a Division 1-AA team has decided to copy the idea in red. (Dr. Saturday)

Sean White won the snowboard superpipe gold medal at the X-Games but paid the price. (The Big Lead) I think he’s the only American I’ll be cheering for in Vancouver.

Today’s first photo gallery is a celebration of the Winter X-Games. I’d rather watch them than the Olympics and these X-Games hotties are part of the reason why. (Bro Bible)

But in the second photo gallery, we pay homage to the hotties of the Olympics. I’ll watch the Olympics but I’d still rather the X-Games. (Bleacher Report)

Ball don’t lie.

But sometimes ball does exaggerate a little.


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