Not News of the Week

For the 15th time ever, it’s all the news that’s not fit for print. It’s time for the Not News of the Week.

How ridiculous have Ontario’s laws about smoking gotten? You can’t even smoke in your own car anymore… Assuming that your car is also your workplace. A truck driver on Highway 401 (Canada’s busiest highway) was fined for violating the Smoke-Free Ontario Act because he was smoking in the work place. Apparently, there is a national law that allows truck drivers to smoke in “designated smoking vehicles.” It also turns out that the ticketing officer may have been so busy trying to apply an unpopular law that he forgot to check who owned the vehicle. If the driver did own the vehicle himself, he was well within his rights to smoke. It looks like this is another case of an officer trying to meet his quota and this fine will go up in smoke. Continue reading