Entertainment Link-Off: A Fine Mess

kate voegele 3Alright, so I finally got my hands on Kate Voegele’s latest album “A Fine Mess” last weekend despite the fact that it came out in May. I might not the be the first one in line to pick up merchandise, but I do end up supporting the artists I like. This album has been on full rotation in my CD player all week. It truly is a fantastic record. More on that later on…

Before I jump into the entertainment articles, let’s start off with something tied into last night’s brilliant Stanley Cup playoff game. Damien Cox writes about the unsung heroes of the Stanley Cup winning squad. (The Toronto Star) Once again, congratulations to the Pittsburgh Penguins for winning the cup.

After the jump, some TV scoop, lots of movie news and two celebrities that may have more in common than we thought.  Continue reading