Sunday Link-Off: Sunday Came Afterwards

It’s Sunday which means it’s time for another set of Sunday Links. For no apparent reason, let’s kick off with Kate Upton. A lot of bloggers make future ex-wife jokes about certain celebs, I think I should start saying that about Kate.

How popular is Aussie bully punisher Casey “Kid Zangief” Heynes on the internet? Famed hacking group Anonymous shut down Casey’s school’s website in protest of his suspension. (Urlesque)

How desperate is the Detroit News for cash? They’ll let advertisers have a say in the editing process. Chrysler complained about a review so the web version was edited. (Jalopnik)

The latest viral sensation on the internet is the ear-bleedingly bad Friday by Rebecca Black which I’ll talk more about on Monday. But for now, here are the top five Friday covers. (Mashable)

After the jump, David Stern is a hypocrite, Mike Tyson is a family man and Super Mario Brothers is an indie movie trailer. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: New Overlords

To make up for some of the lack of posting last week, here’s 2011 SI Swimsuit Rookie of the Year (and Lowdown HQ favourite) Kate Upton.

Ken Jennings wrote about getting his ass kicked by a super computer. It’s a cool behind the scenes look at the beginning of the end of humanity. (Slate)

Sportswriter Jay Mariotti spoke for the first time since that domestic incident with his girlfriend. Naturally, he took the time to vilify sites like Deadspin. (Deadspin) Like he’s really concerned about Deadspin’s “tabloid journalism.” He’s just pissed at them for exposing him as a jackass repeatedly.

You know who made the LA Lakers the biggest sports team in LA? It was the team doctor that did all the leg work. (ESPN LA)

After the jump, Miss USA’s new career move, 20 Cent Kane’s latest escapades, and real-life Mario Kart. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: Desire

We’re doing two sets of links today so there’s plenty of football still to come. For now, let’s start off with Kate Upton. If you haven’t heard of her before, you’ll hear a lot more from her soon, I think.

Time for AskMen’s annual list of the 99 most desirable women. Blake Lively is #1 this year. She’s good looking but “most desirable?” Not sold on that. (AskMen)

And from the desirable to the undesirables. Here’s Deadspin’s list of the worst men in sports. (Deadspin)

Maybe combining both of the above is Mickey Mantle. When asked by the New York Yankees what his favourite memory of Yankee Stadium was, he provided an amazing NSFW answer for the ages. (Letters of Note)

After the jump, Brian Wilson craziness, great play-by-play moments and the most illegal thing ever in professional wrestling. Continue reading