Sunday Link-Off: Sunday Came Afterwards

It’s Sunday which means it’s time for another set of Sunday Links. For no apparent reason, let’s kick off with Kate Upton. A lot of bloggers make future ex-wife jokes about certain celebs, I think I should start saying that about Kate.

How popular is Aussie bully punisher Casey “Kid Zangief” Heynes on the internet? Famed hacking group Anonymous shut down Casey’s school’s website in protest of his suspension. (Urlesque)

How desperate is the Detroit News for cash? They’ll let advertisers have a say in the editing process. Chrysler complained about a review so the web version was edited. (Jalopnik)

The latest viral sensation on the internet is the ear-bleedingly bad Friday by Rebecca Black which I’ll talk more about on Monday. But for now, here are the top five Friday covers. (Mashable)

After the jump, David Stern is a hypocrite, Mike Tyson is a family man and Super Mario Brothers is an indie movie trailer.

Adrian Wojnarowski does the damn thing about David Stern’s hypocrisy at the helm of the NBA. A must read for any basketball fan. (Yahoo Sports)

While the NHL takes their time figuring out their head shot and dangerous play penalties, the Manitoba Junior Hockey League shows everyone how it’s done. A player runs another from behind and gets 40 games. (Puck Daddy)

Mike Tyson sure has come a long way from the man who bit Evander Holyfield’s ear and said he’d eat your children. Here’s a profile of one of sport’s great redemption stories. (New York Times)

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson brilliantly likened the NFL labour situation to slavery. So here’s a tail of the tape comparing who has it worse: the NFL’s “modern day slaves” or real modern day slaves. (Joe Sports Fan)

PlayStation VP of everything Kevin Butler is adding VP of cameo appearances to his resume. Actually, he made a brief guest appearance on Showtime’s Shameless. (Kotaku)

This weekend is apparently the 5th birthday of Twitter. To celebrate, Twitter star Bruce Arthur looks at what the meaning of Twitter is. (National Post)

And as the flip-side to that Twitter article, here’s a cartoon comparing you on Facebook to you in real-life. (Comical Concept)

Did you know that we’re just two weeks away from WrestleMania? Snooki’s going to be there. And speaking of ridiculous wrestlers, here’s a list of the 10 silliest characters of all-time. (Guyism)

Controversial list time. The crew at GQ ranked the worst sports fans in America. But it’s not the fans that don’t show up to games. It’s a list of fans who are horrible people. (GQ)

It’s time for the latest Bloge Salming video. It’s the NHL People’s Court. (Houses of the Hockey)

I can’t believe I forgot to run this video last time but here’s the latest Jimmy Kimmel spoof fitness video. It’s not as good as the first one but how often are sequels better?

This live action Super Mario thing is really popular. Here’s Mario as an indy movie trailer.

Ever wonder how Star Trek would change now that we have Facebook? Well wonder no more as we go inside Spock’s scanner.


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