Man Lab Link-Off: Bottoms Up

It’s time for another set of the Man Lab links on the blog. Where else are we going to stick our collection of date advice links? Anyway, to kick off this set of links, it’s Joanna Krupa in her place.

When the smartest man alive talks, you listen. Stephen Hawking has some tips on how women and simple quantum particles/principles are similar. (The Guardian)

After the jump, more help with talking to women, all about booze and Kate Upton’s back! Continue reading


The Humanoids: Premiere Edition

Welcome to my new weekly column. On The Humanoids, I look at nine people, places, or organizations that are in the news and knock the piss out of them (for lack of a better description). If you’re a fan of Deadspin, you’ll notice that this is a less funny and shorter Will Leitch’s Ten Humans column. And if you’re a fan of pro wrestling, you’ll know I borrowed the title from Bobby “The Brain” Heenan. But that doesn’t mean thisĀ failed stand-up comic doesn’t still have some tricks up his sleeve. Continue reading