Man Lab Link-Off: Bottoms Up

It’s time for another set of the Man Lab links on the blog. Where else are we going to stick our collection of date advice links? Anyway, to kick off this set of links, it’s Joanna Krupa in her place.

When the smartest man alive talks, you listen. Stephen Hawking has some tips on how women and simple quantum particles/principles are similar. (The Guardian)

After the jump, more help with talking to women, all about booze and Kate Upton’s back!

Alright, suppose that Hawking is a bit too smart for you to comprehend. Here are some more basic tips for talking to women. (Gawker)

But words aren’t the only things that talk. Women do a lot of their talking through body language. (Guyism)

Just keep in mind when talking to women about other women, there are some topics you should never bring up. (Cracked)

Another thing you probably shouldn’t bring up is why women fake it. Here are some reasons. Consult the list and don’t actually ask women to confirm its accuracy. (College Candy)

Now that you’ve talked to her, have you figured out if she’s trouble yet? Here are ten red flags you should keep an eye out for. (Ask Men)

Want to pick up women at the gym? You’ve got to own the gym. Not literally own it but you have to conquer it. (Wall Street Journal)

There’s one thing all men love as much as women: Booze! Okay, I might be stretching that a bit but I needed a segue. Anyway, here are the nine best alcohol-related apps. (Made Man)

You drink the drink but have you ever wondered where it came from? Here are the stories behind 11 classic cocktails. (Mental Floss)

Now you need a place to drink. Since we’re HQ’d in Canada, it only makes sense that we give you a list of the best lounges in Toronto and Montreal. (Ask Men)

Because we got our start at the University of Western Ontario, we have to lead off the photo galleries with this gallery of the girls of UWO. (COED)

A while back, the gang at Bro Bible put together a slideshow of the top 100 hottest brunette  models. (Bro Bible)

And to show that they’re an equal opportunity blog for the Google image search crowd, they also put together a slideshow of the top 100 hottest blonde models. (Bro Bible)

There’s a new Kate Upton video. I didn’t think it was possible but this one is better than the rest.

Candice Swanepoel has a new teaser video for the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Swimsuit collection. This gives me an idea for a future Man Lab Showdown: Victoria’s Secret Swimsuit Catalog vs. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

And just to keep changing things up, here’s Shakira doing what she does best.

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