Rise of the Machines (Infographic)

Back in the day, the idea of robots and automated machinery taking jobs from blue-collar workers was a major political issue. Where does the advancement of technology become so great that it impacts workers and the economy? Then you go all the way to Star Trek where physical labour is basically beneath the Federation. We’re getting closer to that than we are to eliminating technology.

So what jobs will AI eventually replace and what type of work is AI best and worst positioned to take over? We have a handy infographic for your perusal on just that subject.

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Google’s Hidden Games (Infographic)

Everyone’s been a little bored at work sometimes. The number of times I’ve seen people doing Sporcle quizzes to pass the time has proven that. However, your timekillers at work aren’t limited to quizzes and social media. Google has quite a few proper games that you can play right in your browser. Some of the best and how to get to them is in this handy infographic.

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How to do Your Own European Driving Trip (Infographic)

We get sent a lot of infographics so not all make the cut and land on the blog. However, when your infographic gives us tips on how to recreate some of Top Gear’s great cinematic moments from the episode in which the boys searched for Europe’s greatest driving road, you’re likely to get featured on the blog. The folks over at Select Car Leasing put together a look at some great driving roads in France, Italy, Germany and Norway in a handy infographic.

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Every Car from Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (Infographic)

Who would have thought that comedians getting coffee and driving around in cars would be such a hit? Then again, any show starring Jerry Seinfeld, a bunch of high-profile friends (including President Obama) and classic cars. It’s basically Top Gear without the lunatics destroying tires, clutches and the environment.

Over the course of eight seasons and 53 episodes, there have been 56 cars featured on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Just what has Seinfeld to say about the classic cars on his show? Our friends at Instamotor compiled the information for our perusal in a handy infographic.

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The Cost of Building an AT-AT (Infographic)

We’ve brought you a lot of infographics pricing out the real world cost of some iconic pieces of movie worlds. Since this blog began, we’ve looked at the costs of the Millennium FalconDarth Vader’s suit, Yoda’s hut and Jabba’s Palace. Those are just a handful of countless great real world cost infographics that we’ve done. Today, we add to that with the real-world cost of building an AT-AT. Keep this in mind when prepping for Rogue One in three months.

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The Secret Industry of US Private Prisons (Infographic)

The US prison system costs America’s federal government over $55 billion per year for just over two million prisoners. It doesn’t seem like very good value for money so why isn’t there a reevaluation of what lands people in prison? Well, that’s thanks in part to the US’s privately run prisons which requires minimum occupancy.

For this and more info about the US prison system, we have this handy infographic for your perusal.

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The History of Daily Fantasy Sports (Infographic)

With the NFL preseason getting underway starting with the Hall Of Fame Game this weekend, fantasy football season is coming soon. Not everyone is going to just play their usual leagues. Daily Fantasy Sports is a multi-billion dollar industry. Whether you think that it’s gambling or a legal form of skill-based entertainment, daily fantasy sports is a big deal in sports but it’s not exactly new. In fact, while fantasy sports has been around for over 70 years, daily fantasy is actually almost ten years old. For more fun facts on fantasy sports, we have this handy infographic for you.

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The Most Famous High-Functioning Alcoholics (Infographic)

When you think of alcoholics, you think of people whose addiction results in their lives falling apart around them. What you don’t realize is that some 20% of alcoholics are able to keep everything together despite their problems with the drink. These people are high-functioning alcoholics and the could be anything from your neighbour to a famous actor to leaders of men. To learn more about some famous high-functioning alcoholics and the signs of one being a high-functioning alcoholic, we have this handy infographic for your perusal.

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The Most and Least Ticketed Cars (Infographic)

Have you wondered if you have picked the right or wrong car? Sure, professional car reviews and consumer reviews can help you somewhat but those just tell you how good the car is when it’s running and not any attention it might get that will leave you stopped on the side of the road. Yes, tickets are a near inevitability of driving but not all cars attract the same attention from the police.

The folks over at Insurance.com did a study looking at the tickets of over 300,000 drivers to see which were the most and least ticketed cars. Then our friends at Your Mechanic synthesized that into infographic form to see which cars to buy to avoid tickets. The answer is GM vehicles because cops feel bad enough for you because you drive a GM.

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How Much Would Darth Vader’s Suit Cost? (Infographic)

We all know that to build the Death Star would cost in the quadrillions of dollars. I don’t know what it would cost to convert a planet into a superweapon but I can’t imagine that Starkiller Base would be any cheaper to construct. One thing that few talk about is how much it would cost to build and maintain Darth Vader’s suit. Surprisingly, it’s fairly cheap compared to most Imperial construction projects.

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