Sunday Link-Off: Grab A Chair

Between Romney and Ryan’s lies and Clint Eastwood’s invisible President on a chair, it’s been an interesting week in politics. With the Democratic National Convention this week, it’s not going to be any less dull. Anyway, let’s start this post off with Canadian model Nicole Williams.

What if the critics are wrong and Mitt Romney isn’t actually a flip-flopper but an opportunist who uses that appearance to mask his true intentions? (Rolling Stone)

Paul Ryan’s acceptance speech for the Republican VP nomination was so full of lies that even Fox News called him out on his bullshit. (Fox News)

Last Wednesday, I linked to an article asking if Reagan was too moderate for today’s Republican Party. It turns out that suggestion is gaining some traction. (New York Times)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Fight For Your Right

This week marks the GOP convention which is a gathering of rich white men who fail to understand any issues facing someone who isn’t a white man with a household income greater than $250,000. Yet, nearly inexplicably, they still exist. Why do people support a party that is anti-people and borders on anti-freedom? The only freedom they allow are the freedoms they believe in. If they could, they’d outlaw any non-Christian beliefs and religions. Anyway, I’ll get off my soapbox and start this post off with Canadian model turned professional wrestler turned model again Maryse Ouellet.

Somehow this story has been kept quiet. A whistle-blower says that the NSA is secretly spying on all US domestic electronic communications. In other words, the American government is spying on you. (The New York Times)

MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews finally takes the GOP to task for their disrespect of President Obama and continuously insinuating he’s not American. It’s about time a Democrat grew some balls. (Think Progress)

With the Tea Party dragging the Republican Party farther and farther to the right, would Republican hero Ronald Reagan be too moderate for today’s GOP? (Bloomberg Insider)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Too Legit To Quit

I have to give Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin credit for inspiring the post’s title. However, he’s not too legit to quit. He’s just too oblivious to quit. Anyway, let’s change pace for a moment and start with Irina Shayk.

Mitt Romney thinks the Democrats are making a mountain over a molehill when it comes to his income taxes. However, he has a history of lying to the public about his taxes. (The Raw Story)

The Romney/Ryan campaign is taking Obama to task for shifting money from Medicare to Obamacare cutting Medicare. However, their plan for “saving Medicare” won’t do seniors any good as they plan on raising the eligibility age. (Think Progress)

Let’s break up the action with a Chinese political scandal. What goes for a Chinese political scandal, you ask? Photos leaked of high-ranking Communist Party officials having an orgy. (Gawker)

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