The Humanoids: Ball

It’s a tough week here on The Humanoids. A lot of serious things are happening. Mel Gibson exposed himself (well, was exposed) as racist waste of blood and organs. Prince abandoned the internet. And the government spent a million dollars to bring a TV show to PEI for a couple days. On the flip side, we have John Daly’s paisley pants. And who doesn’t paisley… besides anybody with sight. Continue reading


Wednesday Link-Off: Boss

A couple of weeks back, I had the return of Danielle Hilliard. Today, it’s the return of UWO cheerleader Ellyn D’Uva.

Did you ever hear about the man who made a perfect big on a Showcase on The Price is Right? Here’s the behind the scenes story from contestants’ row and behind the camera. (Esquire)

As you’ve likely heard, George Steinbrenner died yesterday. Here’s the New York Times’ obituary of the famed Yankee owner. (New York Times)

And here’s a more personal remembrance of The Boss. Here’s the tales of a former Yankees intern who met Steinbrenner. (Sparty & Friends)

After the jump, some World Cup followup, Canseco’s return, and more Ellyn D’Uva. Continue reading