Wednesday Link-Off: Boss

A couple of weeks back, I had the return of Danielle Hilliard. Today, it’s the return of UWO cheerleader Ellyn D’Uva.

Did you ever hear about the man who made a perfect big on a Showcase on The Price is Right? Here’s the behind the scenes story from contestants’ row and behind the camera. (Esquire)

As you’ve likely heard, George Steinbrenner died yesterday. Here’s the New York Times’ obituary of the famed Yankee owner. (New York Times)

And here’s a more personal remembrance of The Boss. Here’s the tales of a former Yankees intern who met Steinbrenner. (Sparty & Friends)

After the jump, some World Cup followup, Canseco’s return, and more Ellyn D’Uva.

Spain may have won the World Cup but the real champ was Paul the Octopus. Unfortunately, he’s announced his retirement. (Out of Bounds)

In other World Cup news, here are the best eleven players from the tournament. (The Big Lead)

Jose Canseco is attempting to continue his career as a professional fighter against a 60-year-old man. It didn’t go so well. (Cagewriter)

Gary Bettman doesn’t get paid as much as Bud Selig or Roger Goodell but he’s still overpaid by about $7.2 million. (Sports Business Journal) Steinbrenner would have fired and rehired Bettman at least three times by now.

And speaking of ludicrous money, here’s how the New World Order was assembled in Miami. (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

We all thought that the University of Waterloo dropped their football program because a couple of players were on the juice. Recent developments have revealed possible ulterior motives. (The CIS Blog)

The latest US economic stimulus plan: Cut taxes on mirco-breweries. That’s an economic platform that I can get behind. (Wall Street Journal)

In today’s first photo gallery, it’s the full Ellyn D’Uva photo shoot by our pals at LDU. (Lion’s Den U)

Today’s second photo gallery isn’t nearly that pretty. It’s a look at the Redneck Games. (Daily Telegraph)

CFL fans sure are making a splash on the interweb. Last week, it was Blue Bombers fans stacking beer cups. This week, it’s a BC Lions fan that stormed the field… In a wheelchair.

And a bit of musical YouTuberry. The gang at Knife Show do an 8-bit video game inspired rap.

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