F1 Italian GP: I Wanna Go Fast

The fastest that a Formula One car goes during the season is about 210 MPH. That happens on the long front straight of the Monza circuit which is home to the Italian Grand Prix. It’s that speed which makes the Italian GP one of the more exciting during the season.

While one would typically associate high top speed with the Mercedes and Ferrari powered teams, it was the Renault powered Red Bull team that dominated the weekend with Sebastian Vettel picking up the win. I guess they’re fast on more than just the twisty bits.

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F1 Power Rankings: Italian Grand Prix

Apart from Monaco, the most prestigious race on the Formula One calendar is the Italian Grand Prix at Monza. While Monaco has all the glitz and glamour, Monza is the heart of the sport. The fans at this race, mostly the tifosi, are the most passionate for the sport of any crowd of the season. Spraying champagne on a sea of red-clad fans is a highlight for any driver.

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F1 Power Rankings: Belgian Grand Prix

Summer vacation is over and it’s back to work for the drivers and teams of the Formula One World Championship. It’s time for the annual trip to the Spa-Francochamps circuit for the Belgian Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton may have picked up his first win in a Silver Arrow in Hungary but now that we’re at a track where passing is possible, I don’t like Mercedes’ chances.

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F1 Hungarian GP: I Went to an F1 Race and a Parade Broke Out

f1-2013-hungary-hamilton-victoryThis year’s Hungarian Grand Prix was a downright stonker of a race featuring a grand total of five on-track passes (two passes on equal tyres and no DRS). And you wonder why I’m constantly down on this race and this track. Lewis Hamilton qualified for the race on the pole and shockingly managed to convert that into a win on the notoriously hard to pass track.

Fortunately, if you were looking for excitement, there was all sorts of interesting Formula One news since the last race. As is often the case at the Hungaroring, you just have to look off-track for the action.

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F1 Power Rankings: Hungarian Grand Prix

We’ve come to the final race before the annual Formula One summer break. Well, this week, racing takes a break because we’re going to the Hungaroring which is a terrible excuse for a racing circuit. As a parade route, it’s alright. If you’re hoping for on-track passing, try something else this weekend. At least the lack of passing should help Mercedes.

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Formula One: 2013 Young Drivers Test Recap

To call this year’s edition of the Young Drivers Test a bit of a misnomer wouldn’t be off the mark. In addition to being a three-day test for teams to evaluate up and coming talent that hasn’t run a Grand Prix, it was also a Pirelli tyre test for the usual race drivers. In other words, it was a hodgepodge of drivers at a supposed Young Drivers Test.

Still, we got a look at the future of F1 and perhaps a look at Red Bull’s plans for the near future.

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F1 German GP: Home Is Where the Heart Is

Sebastian Vettel came into yesterday’s German Grand Prix having won 29 races in 109 starts. He hadn’t won in only three countries on the calendar: Hungary, America and his homeland of Germany. Until yesterday, that is.

Vettel flew by Lewis Hamilton off the start like he was standing still and held off sustained pressure from the Lotus drivers to pick up his first Grand Prix victory in Germany.

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