F1 Power Rankings: Indian Grand Prix

Well, are we all still pretending that Fernando Alonso still has a prayer to win the World Drivers’ Championship or have we just given up on that? It’s a 90-point gap with four races to go. All Vettel has to do is come out of this race with a 75-point lead and he wins his fourth-straight title. If he finishes in the top five, he wins the title. If Alonso misses the podium, Vettel wins the title. Yeah, it’s basically done.

So, yeah… Get excited for the Power Rankings…?

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F1 Japanese Grand Prix: Two Stops or Three?

This is Sebastian Vettel’s World Championship. The rest of the drivers are just making up the numbers. Of the 21 other drivers on the grid this season, only five have more wins in their careers than Vettel has wins this season. In fact, after winning this weekend’s race at Suzuka, Vettel’s season wins total matched the career win total of his teammate, Mark Webber. I think this fella might be a decent driver.

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F1 Power Rankings: Japanese Grand Prix

We’ve reached the final quarter of the 2013 Formula One World Championship but the season is almost over. Sebastian Vettel has a 77 point lead over Fernando Alonso with five races remaining. Sure, it’s unlikely that he’ll clinch this weekend but it’s certainly a matter of when, not if, Seb will win the crown. But there are still races to run and powers to rank.

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F1 Korean Grand Prix: If a Tree Falls in a Forest…

While it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Sebastian Vettel took the pole and stormed away to the victory. However, while no one may have seen the Korean Grand Prix in person, it was still a very interesting race where all sorts of odd happenings occurred.

Off track, while there hasn’t been much movement in the driver market, we do have a new 2014 schedule, a new Concorde Agreement and a new concern over how much the drivers weigh and its affect on the driver market.

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F1 Power Rankings: Korean Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel’s lead is up to 60 points with only six races remaining this season. I don’t want to say it’s over but when does testing for next season start? Actually, if Fernando Alonso can catch up anywhere, it’s in Korea. With wet weather expected for qualifying and the race, maybe inclement weather can liven things up in the championship.

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F1 Singapore Grand Prix: This is Why NASCAR Fabricates Cautions

The Formula One World Championship may have left Europe but the change of scenery doesn’t mean that there has been a change at the head of the field. Sebastian Vettel dominated the weekend and the race with such a dominant win that you almost wonder if everyone else ran GP2 cars this weekend instead of F1 cars.

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F1 Power Rankings: Singapore Grand Prix

We’ve reached that point in the season where Sebastian Vettel has a ludicrous lead in the World Drivers’ Championship and we hope that something happens to make things a bit more interesting when I wake up early Sunday morning to watch the races. Vettel has a two race lead with seven races to go. Unfortunately for the field, we’re getting into a series of tracks that Vettel excels at. Well, it was a nice championship battle while we had it.

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