Sunday Link-Off: Deadline Day Prelude

I’ve never heard of Brazilian model Raica Oliveira before but I’m willing to bet we’ll hear from her again soon.

One of the biggest names in hockey trade rumours is Eklund of HockeyBuzz. He’s a pretty controversial figure among both the traditional and new media members but this piece by Adrian Dater is a refreshingly fair look at the anonymous hockey blogger. (Sports Illustrated)

In the world of TV media peddling trade rumours, Sportsnet’s Nick Kypreos really hates TSN. He tried to inform someone on of such on Twitter in what was probably supposed to be a DM. The only problem was that he didn’t DM his thoughts. (Pension Plan Puppets)

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the most important day in Canadian history since Henderson scored on September 28, 1972. So here’s another look at the anatomy of Sidney Crosby’s golden goal. (The Globe and Mail)

After the jump, Player X gets censored, Two and a Half Men (on the court and on TV) and a painful way to promote a golf tournament.

ESPN has a regular feature in its magazine called Player X. In it, an anonymous player writes about life in pro sports that we never really hear about. However, his column on athlete infidelity was mercilessly edited to the point where it almost loses the original meaning. Well, the original column has leaked to the internet and it paints an interesting picture. (Deadspin)

It’s refreshing when an announcer tries not to be a homer but it takes a real stand up guy to do what Springfield Junior Blues commentator Mike Hickey did earlier this week. He suspended himself for his homerism. (Puck Daddy)

With Two and a Half Men on Charlie Sheen punishing hiatus, now is probably the time to make Major League 4. Actually, if you look at the circumstances, now may be the only time for it to happen. (With Leather)

Speaking of Two and a Half Men, that’s the name of a great new MSF photo story about the Miami Heat. (Midwest Sports Fans)

Bleacher Report is getting desperate to be taken seriously. They’re trying to put visions of being the next Bill Simmons in potential writers heads. (Joe Sports Fan)

We’re about a month away from the British census taking place. There’s a growing movement for people to list their religion as “Jedi.” Fortunately, there’s a website dedicated to being the voice of reason. (You’re Not A Jedi)

Let’s throw you some infographics and comics that I’ve been meaning to link for a while. First, it’s a list of 15 infographics that make absolutely no sense. (Regretful Morning)

Here’s a web comic called Post Traumatic Dead Space. I think DS fans will appreciate the humour. (Virtual Shackles)

And this comic looks at how users of different operating systems react to getting system updates. (Sticky Comics)

And let’s throw in a proper photo gallery for good measure. It’s a look at the ruins of the former city of Detroit. (Denver Post)

This week in bad soccer dives it’s Stop Punching Yourself.

CBS’s David Feherty promoted the Byron Nelson Classic by letting elementary school kids hit golf balls at him. It ended predictably hilariously.

The boys at Epic Meal Time are pretty big right now. They just did a collaboration with VFX wiz Freddie Wong. What you know about next level video rendering software?

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