Sunday Link-Off: Fail The King

I’ve been meaning to run this for a while but here’s Katy Perry from a recent issue of Esquire UK. I hope the US version was paying attention.

The big sports media story of the week was this Arash Markazi story about a night in the life of LeBron James in Las Vegas. (Google Docs)

Why was it such a big story, you might ask? Well, ESPN pulled the story from its website for the dumbest reason on record. (Deadspin) I’m actually shocked by this reason. I didn’t think that anyone from ESPN would pull their lips off LeBron’s ass long enough to dictate a statement.

Though that story might be the highlight of LeBron’s week. Here’s a hypothetical look of when LeBron meets up with Jay-Z for the first time since The Decision. (Food Court Lunch)

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Sunday Link-Off: Ball

Can you believe that Miranda Kerr has never been in the SI Swimsuit Issue? I wonder how many other Aussie woman look this good.

Greg Oden is still a notable NBA player despite the fact he’s been injured for the better part of the last two years. He got back on the radar again when naked photos of himself hit the internet. But he needn’t worry because there’s an all-purpose PR plan for him to use. (Sports Pickle) You would have thought that people would have learned from Vanessa Hudgens example but I guess not.

And while the Chicago Blackhawks didn’t have naked picture leak of themselves. From the looks of them, we’re probably better for that. (Deadspin)

The New Jersey Nets are beyond abysmal but they’re still getting by with a little help from their fans. (ESPN)

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Sunday Link-Off: Hate The Game

Let’s kick off this SLO with an old favourite. Here’s Megan Fox.

Don Cherry quite politely (but quite rightly) tells a reporter to fuck off. Give him hell, Grapes! (Deadspin)

If Michael Jackson’s death didn’t prove it, then the Tiger Woods scandal did. TMZ is beating mainstream media at their own game. (Orlando Sentinel)

What do you do when your school’s coach bolts for a better gig? Burn everything to the ground. (You Been Blinded)

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Sunday Link-Off: Thanksgiving Leftovers

Shockingly for only the first time, here’s Natalie Portman.

The boys at Deadspin passed the US Thanksgiving long weekend by posting high school reunion horror stories. Of them all, this was my favourite. (Deadspin)

I don’t suppose anyone can help me find a way to talk EA Sports letting me have a copy of NCAA Basketball 10 to review. I’m not just saying that because my favourite play-by-play man Gus Johnson is calling the action. (Fanhouse)

This stuff never gets old. It’s the second edition of the best things overheard at the U of WO. (Lion’s Den University)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Learning Something New

blake-lively-nylon-5When in doubt, Blake Lively is the smart way to go.

So what have we learned about Andre Agassi before reading his book. Well, he took crystal meth and now we know that he was a hustler. (FanIQ)

Want to be on the FOX NFL Pregame show? Then you should review this secret internal memo so you know what you’d be in for. (Sports Pickle)

Hockey is full of weird superstitions. I didn’t know that the order of the team as they walked out of the dressing room was one of them. (Globe and Mail)

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The Mustangs Lose A Heartbreaker To Carleton

With 4.9 seconds to go, the bar on the UWO campus erupted in an almost deafening cheer as Matt Curtis drained two free throws to put the Western Mustangs up 65-64.  With the loudest two-dozen people in the world on their feet, Carleton’s superstar player Stu Turnbull would deflate the room by sinking a mid-range jumper as time expired to win the national semi-final for the Ravens. Continue reading

The NBA D-League Rips Off Nick Kypreos

The NBA announced today that their development league, imaginatively called the NBA D-League, will use a new playoff format.  The three division winners will qualify (as seeds #1, #2, and #3) along with the next five highest teams in the standings.  The highest seeded division winner will pick its opponent from the teams from the bottom four seeds.  The #2 seed will pick from the remaining teams followed by the #3 seed with the #4 seed getting the not-so-fat kid everyone is scared of.

Now, some would say that this is ground breaking but I would beg to differ.  In fact, I would claim that the NBA D-League has stolen their idea and not given the originator any credit.

The idea of high seeds picking their opponent was originally proposed by Hockeycentral at Noon host Nick Kypreos.  His proposal had the #1 seed in the NHL picking its opponent from all of the other 15 teams qualified for the playoffs with the next highest remaining seed picking until all eight series were made.  The high seeds would also get this privilege in the second and third rounds.  The only real difference between the D-League system and the Nicknundrum (as it was dubbed by Hockeycentral host Darren Millard) is that the NBA gives a bonus for winning the division and forces the choice to be from the bottom half of the rankings.

I like the idea.  If only Nick would get the credit when one of the big leagues adopt it…