Lowdown Prediction Game Results

Last night on The Lowdown radio show (which you can listen to here) we played the “Guess Where the Guy on the Trading Block is Going” game. We took a look at five big names and predicted their future less than 24 hours from the deadline. Results after the jump. Continue reading

NHL Trade Deadline Day Bash Live Blog

Welcome to The Lowdown’s live blog of the 2009 NHL Trade Deadline. While most other leagues see their trade deadline come and go with relatively little fanfare, in Canada, the NHL deadline day is almost like a national holiday. All three Canadian sports networks will cancel their regularly scheduled programming and have live coverage of the deadline from 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning through to at least 5:00. Now I know that nothing much happens until about 10:00 when it seems that the West Coast GMs wake up and then it’s game on.

Keep refreshing this page throughout the day to keep up with all the breaking news and rumours. Continue reading

NBA D-Day is a Dud

Well, the NBA trade deadline was largely a dud. Three o’clock rolled up and there isn’t much to say about what happened. And no, that’s not because I’m not a basketball guy.

Today’s deals:
To the Celtics: Will Solomon
To the Raptors: Patrick O’Bryant
Analysis: The Raps make another trade. Not that it’ll help…

To the Bulls: Tim Thomas, Jerome James, Anthony Roberson
To the Knicks: Larry Hughes
Analysis: Who are they and why should I care?

To the Knicks: Chris Wilcox
To the Thunder: Malik Rose, cash
Analysis: I’d give the win to the Thunder because cash is king.

To the Kings: Rashad McCants, Calvin Booth
To the T-Wolves: Bobby Brown, Shelden Williams
Analysis: Wait. Wasn’t Bobby Brown a singer and married to Whitney Houston?

To the Magic: Rafer Alston (Hou)
To the Rockets: Kyle Lowry (Mem), Brian Cook (Orl)
To the Grizzlies: 1st round draft pick (Orl)
Analysis: The biggest trade of the day because it had the most teams. Oh, and a former Rap was traded.

So to make up for this, here’s an appropriate re-imagining of a scene of Return of the Jedi. After all, it’s not like there’s any basketball to talk about.