Sunday Link-Off: My Time is Now

jessica-lowndes-halloween15-01Does everybody know what time it is? I’m serious. That’s the one thing about time changes that I hate. I’m trying to watch F1 this afternoon but is it on at 2:00 PM EDT or 2:00 PM EST when it’s scheduled for 1:00 PM local time. And there’s StarCraft to be watched this afternoon too but at least I think that’s scheduled in Pacific Time. Time changes make sense but you always feel like no one else knows what they’re doing.

Anyway, it’s Sunday so it’s time for us to do the links. Since last night was Halloween, it’s only appropriate to kick off with Jessica Lowndes as what I would assume is Harley Quinn.

Wiretaps in Italy suggest Toronto is on the verge of a mafia war breaking out. (

The two frontrunners for the GOP Presidential nomination are amateur politicians. Everywhere else, people look to professionals. Why is politics so different? (Vox)

The latest Republican debate was another edition of the GOP versus the media. The media should be criticized but it should be for seldom holding anyone accountable. (Washington Post)

Justin Trudeau won’t be moving into the Prime Minister’s official residence, 24 Sussex Drive, because it’s falling apart. Could the renovation be the focus of a reality TV show? It would help offset the costs and be the most watched home renovation show in history. (MacLean’s)

Despite being big in the hotel and resort business, Donald Trump isn’t making friends in the restaurant industry. Anthony Bourdain is quite adamant about what would happen to the hospitality industry if Trump’s deportation plan went through. (Think Progress)

Researchers in Holland are closing in on a test that will be able to detect a large number of cancers at an early stage from only a drop of blood. (The Latest News)

China has abandoned the infamous “one child” policy. It’s actually had a massive economic impact already with the share prices of diaper and formula makers going up and condom makers going down. (The Guardian)

ESPN is closing the doors on Grantland after Bill Simmons’ departure and the exodus of most of its pop culture writers. (The New Republic)

James Bond might be the world’s most famous secret agent but MI6 isn’t interested. 007 lacks the emotional intelligence to be part of the SIS. (Daily Telegraph)

Here’s a unique Star Wars fan theory: If there’s no such thing as luck, then Jar Jar Binks was actually one of the galaxy’s most powerful force users. (/r/StarWars)

Speaking of Star Wars, Stephen Colbert guesses the plot of The Force Awakens.

And in The Fine Bros’ react series (talk about easy money), YouTubers react to Unexpected Cena.

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