Sunday Link-Off: Spoilers

jessica-lowndes-bretterickson15-01Despite the fact that I wrote way too much about the current state of women’s wrestling in the WWE, I actually have quite a few links for today’s linkdump. As usual, it’s a lot about politics but there isn’t much about gun control this time. I’m hoping to pull together those links for the next post.

Anyway, it’s Sunday so it’s time for links. Since we have a lot of Canadian themed links, I think that it’s only appropriate to kick-off with Canadian actress Jessica Lowndes.

George Bush doesn’t care about black people: The Definitive History (Huffington Post)

The Canadian military is part of operations against IS in the Middle East. Don’t ask the Kurds what Canada has been up to because Canadian involvement is a surprise to them. (MacLean’s)

What’s the most underplayed story in this year’s Canadian election? The destruction of Canadian election laws and Elections Canada by the current government. (The Guardian)

I hope you weren’t paying money to Ashley Madison. Chances are the women that you were messaging weren’t women. And this is why I’m scared to try online dating. (Gizmodo)

Don’t understand the Mike Duffy scandal? Here’s an explanation using Game of Thrones GIFs. By the way, so, so, so many spoilers. (BuzzFeed Canada)

Donald Trump has unveiled part of his economic plan. As interesting as it sounds, I have no idea how it will actually work as planned. (CNN Money)

The German government is putting pressure on Facebook to change its censorship practices. They don’t understand how nudity is banned but hate and abuse isn’t. (DW)

You can’t keep a good man out of prison. Well, I suppose that’s a matter of perspective. One of the founders of The Pirate Bay was released from prison in Denmark and immediately re-arrested to go to jail in Sweden. (Torrent Freak)

Major League Baseball might be pretty powerful but they can’t buy for Minnesota’s baseball team. (Grantland)

This week’s edition of the NYT Magazine’s Letter of Recommendation looks at the real impact that Brock Lesnar has on the fake fighting of WWE. (NYT Magazine)

Don’t try the McWhopper. Just don’t. (Ad Week)

Finding Mythbusters on Canadian TV isn’t as easy as it used to be which is a shame because it’s really awesome. Anyway, on a recent episode, Jamie and Adam did a test on the climactic scene of the finale. Here are the results. Spoilers.

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