Sunday Link-Off: Hangover Helper

sarah-hyland-mmva15-01bA few hours late and probably a few links short, it’s time for us do bring you the Sunday links. I tried writing this up on Saturday morning because I had a busy Saturday evening and was in no state to be writing this morning. Yeah, that plan seemed to work out well.

Anyway, it’s Sunday so we better do the links. Let’s start off with Sarah Hyland.

The Canadian leaders debate was last week. Here is the requisite fact-checking. (Toronto Star)

Donald Trump might be polling on top of the Republican Presidential hopefuls but there are many things that could happen to him that could derail his campaign. (FiveThirtyEight)

After the debate, Donald Trump went to war on Fox News’ Megyn Kelly. Could going after the face of Fox News lead to his undoing? (WP – The Fix)

Here’s an odd political story: Michigan State Rep. Todd Courser was planning to “leak” a fake email that would say he had sex with a male prostitute to cover up an affair with a female state rep. (Detroit News)

Cosmo is under fire for its “graphic sexual headlines.” The likes of Rite Aid, Food Lion and even Wal-Mart will be covering up Cosmo to “protect minors.” Can we talk about protecting people from gratuitous photoshop like in the cover at that link? (Hollywood Reporter)

Junior Seau went into the Football Hall of Fame this weekend. The NFL didn’t want Seau’s daughter to talk at his induction because of fears of what she might say since Seau was diagnosed with CTE and his family is suing the NFL. (PBS Frontline)

A look at underground MMA in Florida and international waters. (Rolling Stone)

The biggest MMA star in the world probably makes more than anyone else in the game through PPV share and sponsorships but her downside guarantee isn’t as large as the men. So does this mean that the UFC is underpaying Ronda Rousey? (Fortune)

Compared to pub quiz night, Trivial Pursuit is preschool math. So who are the dastardly souls who write pub trivia quizzes. (Washington Post)

For his last show, we have an inside look at the big Daily Show finale from front row centre. (Uproxx)


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