Entertainment Link-Off: Fantastic Fail

kate mara 1The reviews are piling in and it ain’t looking good for the reboot of Fantastic Four despite a stellar cast and an up and coming director. At times I find it hard to believe that the current flick would be worse than the previous attempts at the dysfunctional Marvel family, but who knows! Anyway, let’s kick off the ELO with the leading lady from the flick Kate Mara. 

After the jump, Deadpool trailer hits the webs, Bill Hader joins the Nine-Nine, six seasons and a long wait for a movie, Ryan Adams channels his inner Taylor Swift, and check out some hilarious outtakes from Trainwreck.

Let’s kick things off with the red band trailer for Deadpool.

The trailer for Deadpool is finally on the interwebs! So far the footage looks very promising. Director Tim Miller took some time out to breakdown the trailer and reveal some nifty tidbits about the bizarre yet charming superhero flick. (Empire)

Fantastic Four is currently being panned by critics left right and centre. Meanwhile director Josh Trank took a few moments on Twitter to disown the film before rapidly deleting the tweet (perhaps at the studio’s request). (Collider)

Bill Hader is on a roll lately. To add more anticipation to the new season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, he joins the show’s season 3 premiere as the new captain in the precinct. (Entertainment Weekly)

The extended edition of The Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies has been slapped with a R rating. Well that is a bit surprising. (Ropes of Silicon)

Viola Davis is in hot demand. Given the hit show How To Get Away With Murder is getting good numbers at ABC, it was surprising they were willing to accommodate the actress as she took on the duties as Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad. (Slashfilm)

What a difference 25 years make! Here’s a nice look at how different the suburb looks when Edward Scissorhands was filmed compared to nowadays. (Imgur)

The opera house sequence in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation is one of the best action setpieces that I have seen. Director Christopher Macquarrie breaks down the sequence and I got to say, it is quite impressive how it was all pulled off. (NY Times)

Sad news Community fans. Joel McHale pretty much confirms that season 6 of Community is indeed its last. Everyone is getting a little too expensive. (Vulture)

We are suddenly seeing a surge of shows making a comeback years after they have ended (or cancelled). Why? Well it all comes down to money. (Hitfix)

Peter Dinklage has been canned from the Destiny video game. Well, at least he got Game of Thrones to fall back on. (Mashable)

FOX really wants an X-Men series, but Marvel remains quiet on the situation. (TV Line)

Yes it’s happening. Ryan Adams is making a cover album of Taylor Swift tracks. (Mashable)

The final trailer for Hitman Agent 47 is a bit over the top but still looks fun.

The Fantastic Four movies from 2005 and 2007 were pretty bad, so that sets up the perfect material for the latest Honest Trailers.

Trainwreck is quite the funny film and the outtakes are no different. It was also quite amusing to see LeBron James gush about Cleveland.


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