Entertainment Link-Off: Thunder Buddies For Life

Amanda-Seyfried-Ted2-PremiereIt rarely happens but occasionally I would pass out in front of my computer while writing the ELO due to tiredness. Sorry for the brief delay but here’s a short ELO for this week. After I’m done posting this, I shall rush off to the cinemas to catch Ted 2. I even got my teddy bear ready! Anyway, let’s kick off this link-off with Amanda Seyfried at the movie’s premiere. She can definitely rock those cornrows huh?

After the jump, Daredevil vs. Punisher, parents and kids were in for a scare at an Inside Out screening, Heroes Reborn trailer is here, catch the first 8 minutes of Scream (the TV series) and imagine what a Minecraft movie would look like…

The new season of Daredevil is billed as Daredevil vs. Punisher. Given that Punisher isn’t exactly the bad guy here, who will the villain be on the show? (Nerdist)

Taking a look at how planning for a trilogy may have helped Terminator Genisys and how it would link to the TV series. (Slashfilm)

While the fates of many characters are left in the open, at least Game of Thrones has some certainty… it’s list of directors for season 6! (Entertainment Weekly)

Fast and Furious 8 is happening whether you like it or not. In other FF related items, looks like Jason Statham is quite certain that he’ll be in the next installment of the action franchise. (Access Hollywood)

Ranking all 169 Seinfeld episodes from worst to best. (Vulture)

Can you say oops? A theatre in the States has mistakenly shown Insidious 3 rather than Inside Out to a cinema full of kids and their very upset parents. (Mashable)

First look at Sleeping With Other People starring Alison Brie and Jason Sudeikis. I’m always a huge sucker for a rom-com and this looks quite funny.

The Japanese trailer for Ant-Man shows some additional footage that looks somewhat promising.

Catch a tease of Heroes Reborn. Still a few months away from its debut on our TV screens again.

Catch the first 8 minutes of the new MTV series Scream. While it doesn’t quite match the Drew Barrymore opening sequence to the Scream movie, this is a solid set up for the TV series. Remember kids, it’s easier to dial 911 than to rely on voice activated systems.

Just in time for Terminator Genisys, here’s the latest honest trailer as it tackles Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

Jimmy Fallon provided kids the title of ‘Magic Mike’ and got them to write the scenes out. The best part? Channing Tatum joined him to act out these kids-penned scenes!

Gotta love the faux trailers and Ryan Higa presents Minecraft: The Movie.


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