Sunday Link-Off: SCOTUS FTW

charlotte-mckinney-menshealth15-01So this was just ever so slightly an interesting week in the world of politics. Between the Supreme Court making two milestone decisions to the Canadian Government under Stephen Harper showing complete disdain for Canadian citizens, there is something for everyone to talk about.

But today’s Sunday which means I should probably keep the intro to a minimum because we have to do the links. Let’s kick things off with Charlotte McKinney who is making her debut appearance on the blog.

The Supreme Court of the United States had a pretty good week. First, it upheld the federal tax subsidies that help make the insurance markets of the Affordable Care Act viable in a 6-3. (Bloomberg)

On Friday, in a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that all states in the union are obligated to allow gay marriage. (Washington Post)

Prime Minister Harper’s spokesman dodges question about the Conservative Party’s attack ad that features ISIS-produced video and their anthem and attacks news coverage in a way that makes American politicians look positively sane. (Imgur)

The Harper government is also trying to hustle their way into the Trans-Pacific Partnership and destroy any online rights Canadians have. (Toronto Star)

The start of the week seemed so much simpler. It was just a “simple” debate about the Confederate stars and bars flag and what it represented. (The Atlantic)

Republican Presidential candidate Bobby Jindal is likely to see a little bit of pushback for his policies that are very religiously inspired. (Think Progress)

The latest hack of the US government is that much more embarrassing. The details stolen include some embarrassing personal details of US government employees. (The Daily Beast)

Abstinence advocate, reality TV performer and daughter of the almost Vice President of the United States, Bristol Palin, is pregnant again. No one is talking about it, though. (Raw Story)

In a hilarious bit of irony, Donald Trump refuses to release a copy of his long-form birth certificate and passport records. (The Guardian)

And speaking of the Donald, he also banned Univision staff from his Miami golf course because they dropped the Miss Universe contest after Trump’s racist remarks about Mexican in his Presidential campaign launch speech. (Politico)

Former Formula One medical delegate Gary Hartstein talks about some of the current practices for trauma treatment and how it relates to how IndyCar’s safety team and Indianapolis doctors would have saved James Hinchcliffe. (Former F1 Doc)

American Gladiators was one of the great shows that many people my age love from the 90s. It almost didn’t become the cult phenomenon that we know and love. The first half of the first season highlight show gives us a look at how different the show originally was. (The A.V. Club)

So IndyCar had a random race on a Saturday afternoon in California yesterday. I didn’t know that the race was then and so did most fans. IndyCar’s current management is a disgrace and Robin Miller lets them know.


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