Sunday Link-Off: Meanwhile, in Canada

danielle-knudson-nelly15-07You know, I’m getting worse and worse at time management. I’m trying to write stuff for The Lowdown and et geekera while holding down a job and trying to have other hobbies. That’s why today’s SLO comes in three hours later than normal. I didn’t get this done until an hour before it went live. And now, it’s immediately on to the next post(s). There ain’t no rest for the wicked.

Anyway, it’s time for us to do the links. Let’s kick things off with Canadian model (though not the democratically voted Hottest Canadian) Danielle Knudson.

The Jian Ghomeshi scandal might be finally coming to an end. The CBC has issued its internal report and cut ties with their now former head of radio and HR director. (Toronto Star)

The Harper Government’s so-called anti-terrorism legislation will undergo its final vote in the Commons this week. People aren’t happy. (Sun Media)

Political discourse is dead in America. The problem is that it’s not much better in Canada. Yes, I realize that right-wingers will find this link following the previous to be ironic. (National Post)

Nobody panic but Ontario’s high school teachers could be going on strike. So if you’re looking to play CoD multiplayer during the daytime, business is about to pick up. (The Globe and Mail)

Bell Canada is facing a $750 million lawsuit over selling customer data as part of a targeted ad program. This could be a (temporary) game changer in the world of online advertising. (CBC News)

The GOP have passed a bill that will see a tax cut for about 0.2% of taxpayers that will increase the US federal deficit by $269 billion over the next ten years. And somehow, these fools think they’re electable. (Reuters)

Speaking of unelectable, Neil deGrasse Tyson thinks that of science deniers. I can’t say I disagree. (Think Progress)

America’s far right believes President Obama is planning to suspend the Constitution to grant himself a third term in office. That’s as likely to happen as Adriana Lima reading this blog and falling madly in love with me. (The Daily Beast)

Looking for the best baseball video game on the market this year? That would be MVP Baseball… 2005? (The Triangle)

Better late than never, how about we run the annual video looking at the Raw After Mania crowd. Suplex City, bitch!


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