Sunday Link-Off: A Fresh Take

miranda-kerr-harpersbazaaruk14-01Happy Mothers’ Day to all the mothers reading today. Given our demographics (mostly male, generally under 35 and without children), I somehow doubt that any are reading but it’s nice to get the greeting out there.

With that out of the way, let’s get the links underway. Here’s Miranda Kerr. I think that’s an appropriate choice for the day.

People who follow international news have heard the name Boko Haram for years. Why are they only now becoming a big deal. (Mother Jones)

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is reportedly showing the signs of being drunk on power. (That’s the opposite of how Rob Ford is often found drunk.) He’s reportedly stopped taking advice. (Toronto Star)

The Globe and Mail is trying to negotiate with its union to get journalists to write advertorials. It’s bad enough when I’m covering the video games beat that half of the content is advertorial (to a degree). For a reputable, respected newspaper to want legitimate journalists to do it is reprehensible if you ask me. (The Albatross)

Why is Russia so interested in Ukraine? It might have to do with how integral Ukrainian industry is to the Russian military infrastructure. (Washington Post)

Have you ever wanted an oral history on the XFL? Well, too bad. You’re getting one anyway. (SB Nation)

According to Jim Ross, the WWE doesn’t want announcers like him any more. Vince prefers librarians. (The Big Lead)

From his name on a San Diego Padres jersey to his name on a prison uniform. The fall of Matt Bush. (Fox Sports)

Major League Baseball may be backing down from its war against online videos but now they’re waging war on podcasts. I guess they just hate their fans. They’ll probably issue a DMCA takedown notice against this post for saying “Major League Baseball” without the express written consent of MLB. (Hardball Talk)

The IOC is apparently planning to make a last-minute switch of the 2016 Olympics back to London since the Rio preparations are nearly impossibly behind. (Daily Telegraph)

It’s not just the IOC who aren’t impressed with Brazil right now. FIFA isn’t happy with preparations for the World Cup and that’s just a month away. (Washington Post)

Looking for the latest PS4 rumours? I covered that on et geekera. (et geekera)

This is a pretty bad fail, even by game show standards.


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