Entertainment Link-Off: Love Thy Neighbour

halston sageThis weekend marks the release of Neighbours starring Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne and Zac Efron. As I mentioned before, I got a chance to catch it last week and it is hilarious! As of right now, it looks like the raunchy comedy is going to dethrone Spider-Man from the top stop at the box office. Sure there are plenty of laughs in the movie, but there is also some good eye candy courtesy of Halston Sage.

After the jump, Hugh Jackman might do X-Men: Apocalypse and the next Wolverine movie back-to-back, there are 7 authors that took longer to write their books compared to George R.R. Martin, Community got canned by NBC, Power Rangers might be making a comeback, breaking down why people watch The Big Bang Theory and listen to Kina Grannis’ Elements in its entirety!

Since Hugh Jackman isn’t getting any younger, it looks like the producers for the X-Men films are looking to shoot X-Men: Apocalypse along with The Wolverine 3 back to back. Just to save him the trouble of getting into shape multiple times. (Collider)

So at a recent Royals vs. Padres game, a dinosaur threw the first pitch. Yes, you read that right. A dinosaur. (MLB)

Sure, George R.R. Martin is a slow writer but it could be worse. Have a look at 7 authors that took a ridiculously long period of time to pump out their written work. (Mashable)

It is indeed the darkest timeline as NBC decides to cancel Community after 5 seasons. What about our six seasons and a movie?!?! (The Hollywood Reporter)

Thought not all hope should be lost given that Sony is actively shopping the show around to another network or perhaps cable! (Entertainment Weekly)

While we mourn the loss of Community, here’s a nice look back at season 5. (Entertainment Weekly)

Snowpiercer is on its way to being released in North America in its original cut. In anticipation of the release, here’s the red-band trailer for the dystopic sci-fi actioner starring Chris Evans. (Yahoo)

Go go Power Rangers! Hollywood has gone through a lot of stuff from the 70s and 80s, so why not the 90s now? The Power Rangers is getting a reboot treatment courtesy of Lionsgate. (Slashfilm)

While we see jets get knocked out of the sky left right and centre in monster movies, the US Air Force believes they can kick Godzilla’s ass (in a joking fashion of course). (Gizmodo)

Since the announcement of the new pilot pickups at The CW, here are the first posters for iZombie and The Flash. (Comic Book Movie)

As part of upfronts week, CBS has officially picked up How I Met Your Dad. It may have been a safe bet months ago, but given the poor fan reaction, could this series be on the fast track to cancellation soon? (Entertainment Weekly)

It has been 10 years, but the creators of Lost are still talking about the show. They touch up the successes, the failures and what they thought was the worst episode of the series. (Esquire)

Breaking down why so many people are watching The Big Bang Theory. (Vulture)

Wanna binge-watch some TV shows? Perhaps this infographic will give you an idea of how you should budget your time. (Mashable)

Bring on Stephen Colbert! Jimmy Kimmel gets a 2 year extension to host his late night talk show. Good news for us all! Expect more hilarious random pranks to come. (NY Daily News)

FOX has released an extended preview of Gotham. Something to look forward to this Fall.

Now that Gotham will be part of the upcoming TV season on FOX, I am sure you got some burning questions regarding the show… and it seems like the showrunners are more than happy to address them. (Entertainment Weekly)

Things are really not looking good for the humans in the new Dawn of the Planet of the Apes trailer.

While we’re on the topic of trailers, catch another hilarious look at 22 Jump Street.

Catch Quicksilver in action in this character profile for X-Men: Days of Future Past.

In the latest edition of Jimmy Fallon’s Ew! (parody of a Teen Nick show), he brings in Seth Rogen and Zac Efron for the hilarious segment.

This came out last week but it is too good not to share. Listen to Ed Sheeran perform his new track “One” in an empty Wembley Stadium.

Speaking of Ed Sheeran, he will also be featured on the soundtrack for the film The Fault in Our Stars.

This week also marked the release of Kina Grannis’ latest album Elements. You can stream the entire album here along with Kina’s commentary on each track. Go support her by grabbing her album through the online store or on iTunes.


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