Sunday Link-Off: I Thought This Was Spring

tsanna-latouche-nordstrom14-05With it being the end of April, I thought that the weather would be warming up and I could start to wear short-sleeved shirts. However, I woke up yesterday and had to grab my winter coat and boots and brush snow off my car. So much for having a late spring. Any spring would be lovely. I think that we’re gearing up for two seasons this year: Winter and July.

Anyway, to celebrate a lovely Canadian winter, let’s lead off with a lovely Canadian model. Here’s Tsanna LaTouche.

Even with the changes proposed to the so-called “Fair” Elections Act, a number of serious concerns remain. Well, I suppose it could make elections fair for a certain party trying to get it into law… (The Globe and Mail)

The story of the Keystone XL pipeline is really a tale of two countries. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has championed it but Barack Obama has been working against him which I certainly won’t complain about. (Bloomberg)

While his international environmental record isn’t too bad, domestically, things aren’t too good for Barack Obama. A radioactive oil waste site was found in North Dakota. Isn’t that lovely? (Al Jazeera America)

The time it takes to board an airplane has actually gotten longer since 1970. Studies show that most airlines are doing it completely wrong. (Businessweek)

Even with fairly neutral news organizations, like Reuters, you have to be sure to look closely at what you’re reading. Just look at Reuters’ misleading Stand Your Ground chart. (Wonkette)

If you’re a professional writer, do you need a gimmick to get over? (Medium)

With the WWE TV deal coming up this year, could one of ESPN’s competitors make a play for WWE programming? (Fox Sports)

I know that celebrities have ridiculous demands for concerts and shows but World Cup soccer teams aren’t much better. (SB Nation)

Somebody uploaded the WWE’s Ultimate Warrior documentary to YouTube. Watch it fast before it’s gone.

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