Entertainment Link-Off: Get Even

kate uptonNo big blockbuster releases this weekend, but for those of you in North America, you can catch The Amazing Spider-Man 2 next week! Out this weekend is the film The Other Woman, which stars plenty of eye candy including Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton. Yeah, that sounds like a good enough reason for any guy to see this in theatres. Let’s start off the ELO with Kate Upton.

After the jump, a whole bunch of X-Men related links, there’s a new title for The Hobbit, Community tackles movie posters and watch how the Golden Globe wins have affected the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Marvel is looking to kill off one of its most famous characters. The question is, will this one stick? (Entertainment Weekly)

Kevin Feige discusses about whether those major character deaths would take place in the big screen and what kind of ramifications it would have. (Comic Book Movie)

Don’t expect the classic X-Men characters for X-Men: Apocalypse. (HitFix)

The creator of Gambit talks about the possibility of Channing Tatum playing the character and who he thinks would be a good choice for the character. (Joblo)

Martin Freeman teases that a potential one off Sherlock special as the next followup since everyone seems to be a little too busy to do season 4 anytime soon… (The Guardian)

Rumour has it, Disney is struggling with the development of the Star Wars spin-off featuring Boba Fett. (Slashfilm)

Meg Ryan will be doing what Bob Saget did in HIMYM for How I Met Your Dad. Now the other question is, how many of you will bother to tune into the new series after that bombshell of a finale. (Deadline)

The third Hobbit movie is getting a title change and Peter Jackson takes it to Facebook to explain why. (Facebook)

In the game of chicken, we are looking to see who blinks first. Could Marvel be having second thoughts on pitting Captain America 3 against Batman vs. Superman? (Slashfilm)

The EPs of Arrow talk about the show and where it is headed after that shocking latest episode. (Entertainment Weekly)

JK Rowling’s novel The Casual Vacancy is being turned into a series for HBO. (The Hollywood Reporter)

TNT and Michael Bay are teaming up for a new post-apocalyptic show and this one does feel a little different from the usual fares that we see on TV. I mean that in a good way. Have a look at The Last Ship. (Vimeo)

I’m not sure about the renewal prospects of NBC’s Community but I am really digging these movie parody posters campaigning for 6 seasons and a movie. (Zap2it)

Neil Patrick Harris recently went on David Letterman and he defends the ending to How I Met Your Mother.

While we know The Wolf of Wall Street drops a lot of F-bombs in the movie, but here’s a supercut that focuses on the other words that started with F with in movie.

Here’s a fun mockumentary on life after the Golden Globes for the hilarious series Brooklyn Nine-Nine.


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