Sunday Link-Off: The Right Time To Talk

chrissy-teigen-beachbunny12-07It’s the end of the week… Or maybe it’s the start of a new week. It all depends on your perspective and calendar. Maybe we should go with new week after the last couple of weeks. Anyway, let’s get started with one of Twitter’s common sense advocates, Chrissy Teigen.

The gun control debate might finally get going in earnest after Friday’s shooting in Newtown. If you’re looking for facts about mass shooting in the United States, start here. (Wonkblog – Washington Post)

Everyone that says that we shouldn’t politicize the Newtown shooting is politicizing it by trying to let any discourse over gun control end quietly. When they stop using that line, those trying to protect “freedoms” will start parroting these lies. (Think Progress) The fact of the matter is that if gun control would eliminate freedoms, traffic lights and speed limits should go too. If you think if this wouldn’t have happened if the kids and teachers were all packing heat, you are also obligated to believe that people should be free to buy cocaine, heroin, crystal meth and bath salts without fear of criminal penalty. It’s just the same damn thing.

The truth is that now isn’t the right time to talk about gun control. It’s too late. Everyday is the right day to talk about gun control. (The Daily Beast)

After the jump, the media’s coverage of the shooting, a breakdown of the new Wii Mini and Gangnam Style martial arts.

If you wanted to know a bit about the history of mass shootings in America, here’s the Cole’s Notes version. (Washington Post)

Another big problem on Friday was that the media was fairly inaccurate. They incorrectly identified the shooter and made life a living hell for anyone named Ryan Lanza. (Mother Jones)

The way that false information spreads like wildfire but the corrections gain no traction on Twitter was also a big story from Friday. (Slate)

Maybe the spread of false information would have been helped if the media had the proper training on how to handle these sorts of situations. That training is the speciality of the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma. (Dart Center)

Meanwhile, in Ontario, the dispute between teachers and the government appears to be coming to a head. (The Globe and Mail)

The NHL Lockout is supposed to be close to over… again… I thought it was supposed to be over last week. I won’t believe it until they’re on the ice again. Anyway, here’s one owner’s proposed CBA to make both sides happy. (ESPN)

ESPN’s First Take is probably the worst thing on sports TV. Actually, the racist comments by Rob Parker about RG3 might have pushed it to definitely the worst program on sports TV. (The Big Lead)

Quick: What’s Britain’s second most popular winter sport? If you guessed darts, you’d be right. Darts has quickly become a massive spectator sport in England. (New York Times)

The Daily Show is among the most popular shows on TV but it almost ended before it took off. Very early in his run, Jon Steward nearly quit because of his coworkers. (Third Beat Magazine)

Think it’s pretty cool that Canada gets the exclusive Wii Mini, eh? Well, be careful what you wish for. It’s a watered down piece of junk. (Digital Foundry)

Still looking for Christmas gifts? Here’s Kimmel’s guide to the best As Seen On TV products.

Martial arts goes Gangnam Style.

We’re ending the post here. NO TIME TO EXPLAIN!

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