Entertainment Link-Off: An Expected Journey

Welcome back to our weekly look at the worlds of entertainment and pop culture in the Entertainment Link-Off. I’m covering for Jackie this week after I slightly forgot about it last week… Anyway, there’s only one major wide release at the theatres this weekend. That would be the first part of The Hobbit trilogy. Yes, we’re going back to Middle Earth with Dr. Watson Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins. Don’t worry, though. Some old friends will be back including Ian McKellen, Christopher Lee, Andy Serkis, Hugo Weaving, Orlando Bloom and Cate Blanchett who stars as the only woman with a character in Middle Earth.

Since The Hobbit is the only big movie of the weekend, it’s only appropriate to start with a movie review. (Indie Wire)

Some of the cast and crew of the new Hobbit movie were on the PR circuit and doing interviews. (Nerdist)

Ever been to the midnight release of a movie? If you haven’t and are planning to at some point in your life, here’s who you’re going to meet. (College Humor)

You didn’t think I was going to let Cate Blanchett off easy, did you? Here are the ten worst movies of her career. Yes, that movie you’re all thinking of is on there. (Pajiba)

Next week sees the première of an Oscar contender in Zero Dark Thirty. Can it live up to the expectation? (Grierson & Leitch)

While JJ Abrams is doing a good job of revitalising the Star Trek franchise, he’s doing an even better job of revitalizing Star Trek as a moneymaker thanks to his viral marketing smarts. (Unreality)

Did you know that there were four female pilots in Return of the Jedi? You probably didn’t since three were edited out of the movie and the one in the movie had her lines overdubbed by a man. (Kotaku)

How good is movie makeup wiz Remy Couture? Some of his work was mistaken by an Austrian pathologist as the result of an actual murder. (National Post)

Good news! The new FCC regulation to ban loud commercials has come into effect. Now ads can’t be louder than regular programming. (Awful Advertisements)

Want to make it in show business as a comedian? Well, good luck finding an agent. (SplitSider)

Trolling Stone has their list of the 50 greatest hip-hop songs of all-time. I can’t believe they put 50 Cent up so high. Hell, he beat Nas. (Rolling Stone)

I’m pretty sure that Jackie is a Superman fan so it’s only appropriate that this post includes the latest Man of Steel trailer.

Don’t know how to dance? The Charlie Brown School of Dance can help you.

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