2012 Edmonton Indy Wrapup

Sunday marked the second of two trips that the IndyCar Series takes to Canada. After the Toronto Indy, the stars of IndyCar had their second of back-to-back Canadian races in Edmonton on the temporary circuit at the Edmonton City Centre Airport. Twenty-five cars and their drivers took to the track on one of the series’ fastest road courses and the year’s only race on an airport circuit.

Lowdown Live Blog

2:41 PM – We’re minutes away from the green flag for the #EdmontonIndy. Ryan Hunter-Reay won the pole but starts 11th after an engine change.

2:42 PM – Here are the top ten starters: Franchitti, Briscoe, Sato, Tagliani, Helio, Pagenaud, Barrichello, Rahal, Hinchcliffe & Wilson.

2:43 PM – Other notables: Hunter-Reay 11th, Bourdais 12th, Will Power 17th, Scott Dixon 18th, Kanaan 21st.

2:46 PM – We are green for the 2012 #EdmontonIndy!

2:47 PM – Tagliani is aggressive off the start moving up to P2 and right on Dario’s gearbox. Sato to P3, Helio P4, Briscoe P5.

2:48 PM – Tagliani uses the push to pass and gets by Franchitti into Turn One on Lap 2.

2:51 PM – Will Power is slowly working his way up the field. He started 17th and has gotten up to 13th.

2:57 PM – Sato has slowly but surely caught the back of Franchitti’s car for P2. Catching is one thing. Passing is another.

2:59 PM – Rahal uses the push to pass to get by Barrichello for P6. Wilson goes by Pagenaud for P8.

3:06 PM – After 15 of 75 laps, here’s the order: Tag, Dario, Sato, Helio, Briscoe, Rahal, Rubens, Wilson, RHR & Pagenaud.

3:07 PM – Exiting the final hairpin, Power slaps the wall trying to get by Hinch. He defends Bourdais hard to hold on to P11.

3:13 PM – While Will Power has moved from 17th to 11th so far. Scott Dixon is where he started in 18th with an engine issue.
[Dixon’s anti-stall would intermittently kick in which kicked the car into neutral and engage the clutch. In other words, the car would coast rather than go full throttle at unexpected times.]

3:16 PM – Lap 23 and Hinchcliffe is the first car to stop during this pit cycle. Kanaan stopped back around Lap 12.
[Kanaan was banking on a yellow to get him up front. There weren’t any cautions during the race.]

3:18 PM – Power gets around Pagenaud for 10th. At less than one-third distance, he’s used 57 of 120 seconds of push-to-pass.

3:21 PM – Tagliani, Franchitti, Sato & Helio pit together on Lap 26. Tag just beats Dario out so the order remains the same.

3:25 PM – Franchitti activates the push-to-pass but locks-up into T1 trying to pass Tag. Helio gets by Dario for P2 in T5.

3:30 PM – Graham Rahal passes Ryan Briscoe for 5th position.

3:37 PM – Here’s the top ten at halfway: Tag, Helio, Sato, Dario, Rahal, Briscoe, Power, RHR, Wilson, Hinchcliffe.

3:43 PM – Dario Franchitti is reporting that his push-to-pass isn’t working. He’ll just have to pass the old-fashioned way.

3:54 PM – The second round of pitstops are starting. Helio is the first leader to stop. Rahal and Wilson follow him in.
[Helio went from blacks to reds to get quick laps on fresh reds while Tag rode around on worn blacks.]

3:56 PM – Helio is able to get by Tagliani on the exchange of pit stops. Loses the lead for the first time all race.

3:59 PM – Tag’s not going forward but backwards Sato gets by in T5 for 2nd and starts pulling away.

4:00 PM – With 20 laps to go, it’s Helio, Sato, Tag, Power, Rahal, Dario, Briscoe, RHR, Kanaan and Wilson.

4:01 PM – Power activates the push-to-pass to get by Tagliani. He’s 5 spots ahead of championship rival Hunter-Reay.

4:08 PM – With 14 laps to go, Sato is right on Castroneves’ gearbox. They have to settle this fast b/c Power is closing.

4:09 PM – Bobby Rahal: “Helio starts blocking when he gets in his rental car at the airport.”
[Quote of the day right there. By the way, Bobby co-own Sato’s car with David Letterman and Letterman’s Worldwide Pants production company had sponsorship on the back of Sato’s rear wing.]

4:14 PM – With 10 laps to go, Power as fallen back to over 5.2 seconds behind. Sato & Helio trading quick laps.

4:20 PM – There’s not much between Helio and Sato with four laps to go. Takuma is going to need a mistake by Helio to get by.

4:23 PM – With two laps left, Bobby Rahal has told Sato to save his last 15 seconds of push-to-pass for the final lap.

4:24 PM – White flag! One lap to go. Castroneves leads Sato by less than one second.

4:25 PM – Checkered flag and Helio Castroneves wins the Edmonton Indy!

4:27 PM – It didn’t take long for Castroneves to do the Spiderman routine. He parked in Turn 1 and climbed the fence.
[He also didn’t take long to say he won the 2010 Edmonton Indy, as well. That was the race where the win was taken away from him for blocking. That blocking rule was removed for this season under chief steward Beaux Barfield.]

4:27 PM – Top ten finishers: Castroneves, Sato, Power, Rahal, Tagliani, Franchitti, Hunter-Reay, Briscoe, Wilson, Dixon.

4:30 PM – P11 to P20: Conway, Hinchcliffe, Newgarden, Kimball, Barrichello, Andretti, Bourdais, Viso, Kanaan, Pagenaud.
[That’s actually not correct. IndyCar.com’s live timing didn’t list a 13th place finisher and Newgarden was the only name omitted from the running order. We have the correct final results published by IndyCar at the bottom of the article. Kimball originally finished 13th but was penalized 30 seconds after the race for avoidable contact with Pagenaud on the last lap.]

4:30 PM – P21 thru P25: Hildebrand, Carpenter, de Silvestro, Servia (DNF), Jakes (DNF)
[Since this is the only place I mentioned Simona de Silvestro, I’ll note here that Speed reports that Lotus will withdraw from the series at the end of the season leaving only Honda and Chevy as engine manufacturers for 2013. This decision came about one season too late for HVM who have been embarrassed by the lack of power from underfunded Lotus power plant. Also notice how nobody faults Judd for the Lotus engine. That should say volumes about Lotus’ lack of commitment to the series.]

Driver Reactions


Race Results

  1. #3 Helio Castroneves
  2. #15 Takuma Sato
  3. #12 Will Power
  4. #38 Graham Rahal
  5. #98 Alex Tagliani
  6. #10 Dario Franchitti
  7. #28 Ryan Hunter-Reay
  8. #2 Ryan Briscoe
  9. #18 Justin Wilson
  10. #9 Scott Dixon
  11. #14 Mike Conway
  12. #27 James Hinchcliffe
  13. #8 Rubens Barrichello
  14. #26 Marco Andretti
  15. #7 Sebastian Bourdais
  16. #5 EJ Viso
  17. #67 Josef Newgarden
  18. #11 Tony Kanaan
  19. #83 Charlie Kimball
  20. #77 Simon Pagenaud (DNF, -1 lap, Contact)
  21. #4 JR Hildebrand (-1 lap)
  22. #20 Ed Carpenter (-1 lap)
  23. #78 Simona de Silvestro (-2 laps)
  24. #22 Oriol Servia (DNF, -10 laps, Mechanical)
  25. #19 James Jakes (DNF, -32 laps, Mechanical)

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