Sunday Link-Off: Beating The Heat

The trouble with having two national holidays in the same week is that the blogosphere basically shuts down. As a result, we’re a little short on content today. We’ll try to make do with what we have. So stay inside with the AC on and read our links to pass the time. First, though, here’s Canadian model Danielle Knudson.

We’ve heard about Mitt Romney’s unexpectedly low income tax rate. How does he do it? That would be his off-shore accounts. (Vanity Fair)

We’re going to hear much more about Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Scientology before the divorce plays out. Among the things we’re hearing about is how Tom and Scientology literally auditioned actresses to be the third Mrs. Cruise. (Business Insider)

It was a bad week if you were ESPN’s Chris Broussard. He caught a bit of flak for taking tweets by NBA players and passing it off as info from sources. (Awful Announcing)

After the jump, the Americans are rebranding Canada, the finalists to replace Regis and how not to do fireworks shows.

A US public radio show has provided Canada with a marketing rebranding in America. Some people love it. Some hate it. At the end of the day, we’re not rebranding the country but just trying to get the Yanks to spend money here. (National Post)

Is Journatic (I never heard of it either) using articles written off-shore and running them with fake bylines? (Romenesko)

Meanwhile, in space over Tatooine. No, wait. You can actually live on Tatooine in the sets built for Episode I. (Gamma Squad)

The search for Regis’ replacement on Live is down to three. The current frontrunner appears to be SNL head writer Seth Meyers. (SplitSider)

Speaking of comedians getting on TV, here are ten comedians who also deserve their own show. (Cool Material)

Sony acquired cloud gaming company Gaikai this week. Does that mean Sony is going to the cloud with the PS4? (Forbes Gaming)

EA plans to go full-digital at some point in the future. What I want to know is if this is EA’s attempt to kill the used games market. (

San Diego’s 4th of July fireworks were a massive fail.

It took some six months but this song about AutoCorrect is starting to go viral.

People complain about the BBC wasting money on F1. Have they seen the CGI trailer to this year’s Olympics. Still, it beats the hell out of anything we’ll see from TSN.


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