Sunday Link-Off: The Big Show

Last week was a busy week in the world. I started editing a ridiculously long Lowdown podcast. The new TV season started proper (by which I mean shows from networks other than CW started). Pre-season hockey kicked off and the Jets played a sold-out game in Winnipeg. And we were reminded that Poppy Montgomery is still around.

We all know Glee is an awful excuse for a show but have you ever really watched in depth enough to notice the depths of its ridiculousness? Someone watched the whole first season in two days so you don’t have to. (Progressive Boink)

We’ve all heard of the NFL Red Zone channel but not all of us have seen it. Apparently, it’s the greatest thing to happen to football since the invention of the forward pass. Here’s the behind the scenes story of the channel. (New York Times)

I seem to constantly be on a campaign against singers pretending to be social commentators. I do have some allies in my cause. Drew Magary recently wrote a column about how Lady Gaga isn’t really a self-help guru. (Deadspin)

After the jump, Carson Palmer’s new day job, pro wrestling’s newest stars and some special guests on the morning weather forecast.

Remember the recently retired Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer? With his newly found spare time, he’s trying out for an ECHL team. (Business Insider)

NBA players seem to be flocking overseas for the lockout. Well, all except Kris Humphries who’s gotten his cash windfall by marrying a Kardashian. Anyway, here’s some cautionary tales about European basketball from an actual overseas player. (SB Nation)

My favourite manager in baseball is Ozzie Guillen. (Yes, even more than my team’s manager, Jim Leyland.) Here is a collection of great Ozzie quotes. (Esquire) This man is a legend and needs to get in the hall of fame for being Ozzie.

I know I’ve link to a few articles about how good CM Punk is but it looks like there are two guys who have taken over as the most entertaining in WWE today. Watch out for R-Truth and The Miz. (Grantland)

Hugh Jackman was at Raw last week. Naturally, TMZ was watching and it’s still real to them dammit. (With Leather)

And keeping with wrestling, here’s a list of the top 75 wrestling themes of all-time. Can’t argue with #1 here. (Camel Clutch Blog)

FC Barcelona is pulling out all the stops to top Real Madrid. To redesign the menu for their youth program, they’ve gotten help from the best chef in the world: Ferran Adria. (Deadspin)

Here’s a fun photo gallery/list. It’s the ten greatest Simpsons characters voiced by the main cast who have only appeared in one episode. (Warming Glow)

What happens when Jaime Edmondson and Lauren Anderson show up for the morning weather forecast? The weatherman’s “ratings” go up.

Ferrari fans and car lovers avert your eyes. A driver at the Targa Newfoundland put his Ferrari Enzo into the drink.

It’s Jimmy Kimmel’s This Week in Unnecessary Censorship #300.


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