Sunday Link-Off: Summer Daze

Almost conveniently since I mentioned her in yesterday’s ELO, here’s Sarah Carter. I think she needs to find a new hair stylist and Esquire needs to find someone better to run their photoshoots.

Mark Cuban’s lawyer wins life. Mavs minority owner Ross Perot Jr. filed a suit against Cuban saying he ruined the team. Cuban’s lawyer fired back with pictures of the Mavs with the NBA Championship. The defense rests. (Dallas Observer)

In other basketball news, who would have figured that Ron Artest would have dropped his therapist? He must have. Why else would he be changing his name to Metta World Peace. (Deadspin)

Washington Nationals manager Jim Riggleman resigned after bringing the team back up to 0.500 because he didn’t get a contract extension. Don’t worry though. He didn’t take losing his job too hard. (Washington Post)

After the jump, if you smell what The Rock is cooking, the games of summer and Peyton and Eli’s lockout job.

Rumour has it that OJ Simpson confessed to one of Oprah’s producers that he killed his ex-wife. Naturally, Oprah’s going to televise the confession on her own TV channel. Is it just me or is she the most self-contradictory person in the world? (The Daily Mail)

Best Splash Mountain picture ever? Best Splash Mountain picture ever. If you smell… What The Rock… Is cookin’. (Last Angry Fan)

To celebrate their Stanley Cup victory, the Boston Bruins ran up a $156,000 bar tab. Here’s how much booze that is in infographic form. (Sixteen Wins)

One thing to avoid at all costs is finishing third in the Army National Guard Combatives Championships. The trophy is definitely not something you want to display on your mantle. (Off the Bench)

We’re always seeing lists of big summer movies but never big summer games. Most of that has to do with the big games dropping before Christmas. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t have some big games to look forward to this summer. (Kotaku)

One of this summer’s blockbusters big blockbusters is Rockstar’s LA Noire. But this year’s big game was almost a big disaster according to insider reports. (IGN)

Today in odd culinary delights, it’s freakishly detailed Russian popsicles. (Laughing Squid)

Ever wonder what pilots think about their flight crews? One pilot flying through Texas was lamenting about the lack of good-looking flight attendants he was getting on his flights. Unfortunately for him, he told all of Texas his thoughts. (BBC Radio 4)

Photo gallery time. It’s 25 bad ass chess sets. Now if only I could actually play chess at a reasonably competitive level. (Holy Taco)

How are DirecTV promoting NFL Sunday Ticket with a lockout still ongoing? By creating a trailer for a fake TV series starring the Manning brothers.

Since we talked about LA Noire earlier this post, how about another LA Noire parody video.

And another Miami Heat and pro wrestling mashup video. This time, everyone’s out to screw LeBron James.

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