Worst of Music: Rihanna & Britney Spears – S&M

How do you get a couple extra bucks out of a previously released single? Release a remix. But how to do you make more than a couple extra bucks? Get a formerly popular singer who traded largely on sex appeal to record some lines for the song and re-release it. That’s exactly the plan of attack behind the recent surge in popularity of Rihanna’s S&M. Take the song and add Britney Spears to give you this week’s Worst of Music.

For the second week running, Britney picks up a WoM. But this week, it’s not for the gratuitous use of autotune. I’m not saying that this week’s vocal effort is better than last week, though. The music has been tweaked ever so slightly to fit Britney better but she just seems out of place on a song that so obviously is about sex as opposed to the not-so-subtle sexual overtones that dominate most of her songs. Or maybe it’s because Rihanna seems to outperform Britney on this song. The trick with a collaboration is to make both artists look good at the same time. Britney just can’t match Rihanna on this song. The sum of the parts are greater than the whole on this one and that’s not a good thing.

So congrats, Rihanna and Britney. You’ve won the prestigious Worst of Music award for this week.

Have a better WoM candidate for next week? Drop it in the comments.

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