Sunday Link-Off: Too Damn High

Since I massacred yesterday’s entertainment links, how about I make it up to you with Candice Swanepoel?

The Dongslinger saga carries on. Now AJ Daulerio is fielding questions from journalism students over it. He handles himself well, though. (Sports Journalism)

The WHL isn’t what I would call “minor league” hockey but sometimes they dream up gimmicks like a standard minor league club. The Saskatoon Blades are wearing denim jacket-style jerseys for an upcoming game. (Sportress of Blogitude)

And speaking of minor league gimmicks, the KHL has a new idea to promote the league. They’re holding a contest (in conjunction with Playboy) where female fans send in swimsuit pictures and write why they love their KHL team. Makes perfect sense to me. (Puck Daddy)

After the jump, Top Gear finds a new Stig, the 100 best mustaches in sports history, and the Rent Is Too Damn High.’s originally revolutionary Page 2 turned 10 yesterday. The problem is that it’s just not what it once was. (Deadspin)

The best thing to happen to NFL TV coverage hasn’t been something on the field or in the stadium. It’s Fox’s addition of former NFL head of officiating Mike Pereira to the broadcasts. (New York Times)

And speaking of the NFL, they just finished up unveiling their list of the 100 greatest players of all time. Naturally, not everyone is happy with everyone on the list and where they were. But for now, here’s the list. (Fang’s Bites)

What happens when a newspaper writer examines the problems with a very expensive, very exclusive private school’s football team? An elitist anonymous internet flame war. (Gawker)

We all know that Top Gear was without a tame racing driver after Ben Collins outed himself as the man in the white racing suit. So the Top Gear crew went to the farm to find a new one. (Top Gear)

Speaking of Top Gear, their new US version of the show will be the best car show from America when it debuts. (Jalopnik)

In this world of Twitter, Facebook and whatever the new social media fad will be, the definition of friend is changing drastically. Might I suggest we begin using this method of indexing “friends.” (New Yorker)

Microsoft’s Kinect was released this week. So does it live up to the hype (and worth the rumoured half-billion dollar marketing budget)? Apparently yes. (Kotaku)

Earlier this week, a promo for Def Jam RapStar hit the interweb starring Hulk Hogan who we thought was flashing the camera. To quiet rumours that he’s a dirty old man, he released the uncensored video which thankfully is safe for work. (Deadspin)

Just when you thought the Snuggie couldn’t get worse, someone dreamed this up. (Mom Logic)

In honour of Movember, here are the 100 best mustaches in sports history. (BroBible)

Whenever I see lists of people to follow on Twitter, it’s either the best people to follow or the hottest to follow. But now, we finally have a list that combines the two for the hottest best people to follow about sports. (It’s Always Sunny In Detroit)

And with Proposition 19 getting defeated in California and pot smoking, growing and selling still illegal, people need creative ways to get their supply. Maybe they should try one of these crazy ways to smuggle drugs. (Cracked)

Speaking of Movember, Malin Akerman proves that chicks dig the mustache. Okay, it’s not as catchy as chicks dig the long ball but it’s a charity thing.

This year’s World Series wasn’t exactly spectacular but it did have one memorable thing about it. Ozzie Guillen was covering the series for Fox which was good if you were able to understand him.

It’s the Rent Is Too Damn High Auto-Tune Song. Coming soon to a Lowdown BlogCast near you.

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