Sunday Link-Off: Too Damn High

Since I massacred yesterday’s entertainment links, how about I make it up to you with Candice Swanepoel?

The Dongslinger saga carries on. Now AJ Daulerio is fielding questions from journalism students over it. He handles himself well, though. (Sports Journalism)

The WHL isn’t what I would call “minor league” hockey but sometimes they dream up gimmicks like a standard minor league club. The Saskatoon Blades are wearing denim jacket-style jerseys for an upcoming game. (Sportress of Blogitude)

And speaking of minor league gimmicks, the KHL has a new idea to promote the league. They’re holding a contest (in conjunction with Playboy) where female fans send in swimsuit pictures and write why they love their KHL team. Makes perfect sense to me. (Puck Daddy)

After the jump, Top Gear finds a new Stig, the 100 best mustaches in sports history, and the Rent Is Too Damn High. Continue reading