Entertainment Link-Off: The Backup Plan

I’m doing the entertainment links for next couple of weeks. So to hold you over until regular service resumes here’s Amber Tamblyn who stars in 127 Hours which premieres this weekend. She also starts her guest stint on House this Monday.

In our last podcast, we tried and failed to figure out who really is “America’s Sweetheart.” Fortunately, we’re not the only one wondering something along those lines. A British columnist wants to know what happened to the girl next door. (The Independent)

After the jump, The Daily Show whips everyone’s candy asses, the return of GoldenEye, and a classic cartoon theme medley.

This video is just a bit old but it’s Saturday Night Live’s “missing” Back to the Future audition tapes. (io9)

The networks are crying skewed numbers but The Daily Show topped Leno and Letterman in the 18-49 demographic for October. (Hollywood Reporter) Now we’re all waiting to see how Conan does this month. But he’s on cable so it’s not a straight up comparison, obviously.

A long while ago, I did a story about the Russian government rejecting a kid’s name. Maybe the Yanks should consider the same because one pair of crazy parents named their kid for Star Wars. (BuzzFeed)

Keeping with the sci-fi-ness, Doctor Who has enjoyed a successful revival on TV but before that, it enjoyed a popular revival in the form of radio dramas. (Daily Telegraph)

The rumour mill is cranking up again. After cuz showed up to the Scream Awards in his Peter Venkman costume, word leaks that Ghostbusters 3 will start filming in May. (Cinema Blend)

Spiderman: The Musical has been a multi-million dollar disaster. They’ve just pushed back opening day again. I’m starting to wonder if it will ever open. (New York Times)

And speaking of impending disasters, here’s the trailer for the latest Adam Sandler movie Just Go With It. Apart from it featuring Brooklyn Decker and Jennifer Aniston, it looks like a must skip. (Coming Soon) I get the feeling that I know how this one will play out without having to watch it.

Fun fact of the Day: Chuck Norris is a big deal in the Czech Republic again. He’s starring in cell phone ads over there. (The Daily What)

There’s a lot of talk about Rock Band 3 and Pro Mode but there is a game that doesn’t just teach you guitar but let’s you play a real one too. Only problem is that it’s not even close to Rock Band. (Kotaku)

From a not so good video game to an amazing one. The return of GoldenEye to Nintendo is a critical success. (IGN)

Bad news for news: DirecTV has dropped G4. Until her new sitcom pops up on NBC, you’re going to be lacking Olivia Munn. (Joystiq) The good news is that they had a fight with Versus that eventually ended so all hope is not lost.

And more bad news for nerds: Folks are trying to beat human players at StarCraft using artificial intelligence. That can only lead to the downfall of society at the hands of computers and robots. (Gizmodo)

Following the successful Facebook campaign to get Betty White to host SNL, San Francisco Giants fans are trying to get star closer Brian Wilson on the show. (Sportress of Blogitude)

A couple of lists to close out. First, here are the eight most influential families in TV history. (Guyism) Unfortunately, the Bunkers haven’t been more influential. If Shit My Dad Says featured a Bill Shatner more like Archie Bunker, that would be the most watched show on TV.

Since Halloween was last week, how about a look back at some of the worst superhero vehicles. (Jalopnik)

If you prefer better superhero cars, how about this homemade version of Christopher Nolan’s BatMobile. (Top Gear)

For today’s lead bit of YouTuberry, he’s a medley of classic cartoon themes. If you don’t love this, you never had a childhood.

If you’d rather have just one song performed, how about a little bit of Bill Shatner.

And let’s close with This Week In Unnecessary Censorship.

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